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I have met the best and most honest builder in the Portland area and his name is Dave Fahlman. He is the owner of Fahlman homes. Yep, in today’s world of builders being accused of cheating clients, not finishing projects, or just plain being jerks, it is nice to come across one of the good ones a...

By Robin Leigh, Residential Real Estate Broker, Pro Home Stager
(Launch Real Estate)
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 The Rule of Four is the term Professional Homestagers use when deciding the maximum number of key furnishings to use in each room.Look closely at our main blog post photo to see a perfect example of what we mean when we say “no more than four.”When extra pieces are added that aren’t necessary, a...

By Theresa Hus, The Official Real Estate Agent Directory
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Have you ever heard about a She Shed? It’s the feminine response to the man cave; a place for retreat where women can have some alone time to do their own thing uninterrupted. But, with Man Caves, men usually just get one room of the property and adapts it to accommodate whatever his hobbies are....

By Caroline DeVore, Stowe Vermont Lodging, VT Bed and Breakfast Inn, Vacation Homes, Caroline DeVore | Stowe Meadows Lodge, Stowe VT
(Stowe Meadows Lodge, Stowe VT Romantic and Luxurious Inn)
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12 Home Design Improvement ideas you should consider when building your new home.  These simple gems will return huge dividends and may increase your home's value There is SO much to consider when building a home.  Whether you are building your primary residence or a vacation home, these tips may...

By Reuben Saltzman, Delivering the Unbiased Truth.
(Structure Tech Home Inspections)
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A common question I get about older homes is whether two-prong outlets can safely be changed over to three-prong outlets.  Most home buyers today don't want to be stuck with two-prong outlets throughout the house.  Two-prong outlets can always be changed to three-prong, and this can be accomplish...

By Karl Hess, on The Jersey Shore
(Keller Williams Shore Properties)
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You've probably heard that vinegar can be used for a myriad of household purposes, but you probably never would've imagined some of the problems it can solve around the house. Vinegar? Vinegar is a liquid consisting of about 5–20% acetic acid (CH3COOH) and water. The acetic acid is produced by th...

By John Pusa, Your All Time Realtor With Exceptional Service
(Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest)
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On May 8, 2018, Heather Adams published the fallowing helpful report on Realtor about list of tips for a home makeover can make an impact on a house.1. Make your own art (even if you're not an artist),2. Use fruit instead of flowers,3. Be strategic with mirrors,4. Move furniture from one room to ...

By Mullen Real Estate Team, Realtor, CPA, CDPE, MBA
(RE/MAX Professional Associates)
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By: Jamie Wiebe These backyard ideas will make your small space look and feel BIGGER. Don’t think of your microscopic yard as a curse. So what if it’s technically a small concrete slab that baaarely accommodates a half-sized Weber grill? Or if your flagstone patio is just big enough for you, a lo...

By Liz Miller, Just Call Liz
(Keller Williams Arizona Living Realty)
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The lake provides endless hours of entertainment. However, during the summer, it can get pretty crowded. Thousands of people descend upon our fair city to partake in our fabulous Lake Havasu lifestyle each year. To avoid the crowds, Havasu homeowners retreat to the sanctity of their backyard oasi...

By Sandra Nickel, The Hat Team
(Sandra Nickel REALTORS)
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A plain slab of poured concrete for a patio may be common, but it is boring.  However, recently, there has been a newly gained respect for using concrete as a decorating element in floors. counters and other applications.  Landscapers are taking this age-old material and giving it a new look usin...

By Ideal Homes, Home building and design in the OKC metro area
(Ideal Homes)
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We’re enjoying a beautiful spring here in the Oklahoma City area. Finally, the best part of the season has come, motivating many homeowners to take a fresh look at their great outdoors—and realizing maybe it’s not as great as it could be. Before Memorial Day launches you into outdoor entertaining...

By Royalty One Mortgage, Mortgage company in Henderson, Nevada
(Royalty One Mortgage)
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     As a homeowner, one is entirely responsible for whatever happens to their house, regardless of the cost. However, regularly maintaining the house with services will go a long way in preventing smaller problems accumulating into massive, expensive ones. We’ve compiled a list of “optional” ser...

By Bob Haywood, BobHaywood.com
(McGraw Realtors)
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Let me ask you a question.  Ever had a guest or family member in your house ask to borrow your cell phone charger? You know how it goes.  They say, "Hey uh, do you have a phone charger I can borrow?"  Then you go scrambling around to find the one you have behind your bed.  Or in your office.  Or ...

By Donna Jarock, The Realtor that Delivers you Home
(MB The Brian Petrelli Team)
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Accorging to a recent article by Monique Serbu, there are 7 Essentials Every Millenial wants in a new home.  Wallpaper is one of them.  Who knew?  I have never had a client say "OOH, I would love to wallpaper this room."  Usually the client says, ugggghh we need to take out all this wallpaper.  Y...

(RE/MAX Premier Group)
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Regardless of whether you live in a large home that has a dark interior or a small apartment with simply one window, follow these suggestions to bring in more sunshine - or at a minimum make it look that way. Paint it light and bright. See our tips here  Tips on how to Lighten up a Dark Home

By John Anello, Stamford Area Electrician, Call Safe and Sound Electric at 203-536-0021
(Safe and Sound Electric LLC)
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USB Outlets are the Coolest Electrical Outlets in Greenwich CT 06830   USB outlets are a new type of electrical receptacle becoming more and more prevalent in Greenwich, CT.  In this continually connected society that we live in, we are constantly using our smart phones. We use our phones as GPS ...

By Lennar Corporation
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In addition to the circuit breakers in the breaker box, your Lennar home has ground fault circuit interrupters, also known as GFCI or GFI outlets. These outlets are intended to provide extra safety in your home by working to prevent accidental electrocutions, burns, and electric shock injuries. F...

By Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Real Estate Agent, Top 1% of Lyon Agents, Put 40 years of experience to work for you
(Lyon Real Estate)
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Every home I visit for a listing appointment is unique and different, and many offer an opportunity to learn something new. Even after 4 decades in the business, I still learn. Constantly learning keeps my work interesting.When I walked into my client's home last week, I immediately smelled dog o...

By Women of Westchester Working Together, Women helping Women get ahead
(Women of Westchester Working Together)
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Would you consider adding neon to your interior design colour palette? My first reaction was 'NO'!!! For me neon colors belonged in the 80s, and had nothing to do with my home decor style. I just could not embrace the thought of having super bright colors in my home. But then I saw more and more ...

By Paul Antonelli, Broker Owner; NextHome Antonelli Realty
(NextHome Antonelli Realty)
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From open floor plans to updated appliances in the kitchen and everything in between, prospective buyers are all over the board when it comes to what they’re looking for in a home. But hardwood floors are one feature that many prospective buyers have at the top of their wish list when searching f...