Plantation Falls Estates (Mint Hill, NC)

By David Snell 704.905.9152, Certified mold inspector and mold removal services
(Executive Restoration LLC)
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Molds or mouolds, in merry old England are a form of fungi which grow in multi cellular mats with hyphae (think tentacles, or antennae gone wild)  This is contrasted with Yeasts, which are single celled organisms.  Other fungi we may be familar with are mushrooms. Now, Fungi are, in sientific tax...

By Eric Ekovich
(Builders Direct Online .com)
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If you plan on buying a new home in Plantation Falls Estates or anywhere else in Mint Hill NC, WHY NOT get an additional 1% Cash Rebate on your Purchase? ... I'll show you how! View Mint Hill homes     The Community of Plantation Falls Estates is located in Mecklenburg County, Mint Hill NC. Schoo...
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