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I specialize in eliminating the barriers. I currently have access rehab/flip and Rental funding sources. no personal credit needed on Rehab bridge loans.

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Elizabeth Mosley, BIC, 

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Realtor Since November 2000 licensed in NC and SC. Both Commercial and Residential, I am no stranger to the changing climates of the real estate markets in the Carolinas. I enjoy networking, seminars and other settings that help to increase my skills and knowledge. Having survived the real estate crash of 2008, I am dedicated to my clients and I am driven to seek out solutions to every situation. I have encountered just about every situation imaginable and I’m fully convinced that miracles still happen. I am passionate about what I do, and I would love to work with you.


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Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Short Sale Specialist

REO Specialist

HUD Certified


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O=Obedience to the law,


A=Accountability of all monies,


D=Disclosure of all material facts, 


S=Skill, care and diligence.





Down Payme Assistance expert. 

Low down payment expert

Creative financing

Creative selling


Licensed Realtor in North Carolina and South Carolina.  As Broker-in-Charge, I supervised and trained realtors.  Represented buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords in a broad range of corporate, commercial, retail and residential matters.  Sold, managed and leased commercial and residential properties, short sales, foreclosures, negotiated terms and contracts, analyzed agreements, explained programs, regulations, evaluations, terms, timeframes, responsibilities, purposes, agency, ethics, obligations, compensations, conveyances and warranties.  Managed trust accounts, title transfers, escrow, contracts, disclosures, advertising, marketing, power of attorneys, promoted buyer and seller interests, using zip-forms, Excel and Word resulting in a grade A in record keeping and maintaining a trust account that meets and exceeds criteria from the NC Real Estate Commission.