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Realtor Magazine's Open House Master Video is Here!

Margaret Rome Open House Master Video




 REALTOR® Magazine was in Baltimore for two days to shoot a video about techniques for successful open houses for their Masters Series. It was the perfect opportunity to get ActiveRain friends together - and we had a great time. On the first day, we had an open house at one property and followed it with a delicious crab dinner and great conversation. The second day, the cameras followed us again, this time starting in the early morning for a workout at the gym and then to a second open house.  What a treat it was to have so many ActiveRain friends attend.

Realtor Magazine's Open House Video is Here! First ActiveRain Open House Update!

The First ActiveRain Open House is history, but preserved forever thanks to REALTOR Magazine. It was a two-day marathon, and from all that time and filming, they boiled it down to about 7 minutes of video! You'll see some familiar faces in the video - how many can you pick out?

Once again, I thank all my good friends and new friends for coming together to make the First Active Rain Open House a great success.



    Author of Real Estate the Rome Way 410-530-2400

Margaret Rome was chosen to be the Open House Master for REALTOR Magazine in 2010.   Margaret Rome Open House Video 


Real Estate  the Rome Way chooses the best real estate books of 2008

 Margaret Rome knows real estate. As an agent for more than 25 years she has built a reputation as one of the top Realtors® in Baltimore, MD. Now, thanks to's year-end choice, more people are getting to know her. Real Estate the Rome Way was published in December 2008 and landed on the list of Top 10 Real Estate Books in 2008 by Trulia.

After successful careers as a pediatric nurse and a ceramic artist, Margaret Rome found her niche in real estate in 1990. She has developed time and energy management techniques that help her to be a consistent top producer, while creating client relationships that lead to repeat referrals. Rome has taken the lessons she's learned the hard way and put them in Real Estate the Rome Way as a guide to success in any real estate market.


Imagine waking up in the morning looking forward to the adventures of the day, knowing that you will have fun and be rewarded, both emotionally and financially. Think what it will be like to have your clients send "Thank You" notes for helping them buy or sell a house. Picture yourself being congratulated on winning yet another top performer award. Margaret Rome has done all those things, and what she has learned can help other real estate agents do them, too.

Starting with no real estate sales experience but lots of enthusiasm and a thirst to learn, Margaret had her first listing and first sale almost before the ink was dry on her license. The story of how she did that – and all that has followed – is what you’ll find in her new book, Real Estate the Rome Way.

After successful careers as a pediatric nurse and a ceramic artist, Margaret Rome found her niche in real estate in 1990. It was not a good time to be a new agent – the real estate market in Baltimore, MD, was slumping and there were horror stories swirling through the industry of how long it was taking to sell a house. (Sound familiar?) Since she was new and didn't know better, she ignored what "everybody" knew about the market and proceeded to start listing and selling.

Real Estate the Rome Way is the ultimate guidebook for new agents and seasoned professionals alike. Here you will find stories that illustrate success strategies, and some that were learning experiences about what not to do. You’ll learn the core principles that are the basis of success, and you’ll see how they have worked in real life to build a highly successful and rewarding career as a solo agent. You will see that while you cannot automate success, you can use tools that will help you become a success – a lasting success – in real estate.

During booming real estate markets, many people jump into real estate seeing quick, easy money. When the market turns – as it always does – the agents who have taken the time to learn their businesses and build relationships are the ones who not only survive but continue to prosper.

Real Estate the Rome Way was published in December, 2008 by The Silloway Press, Columbia, MD. ISBN 978-0-9802057-9-4.

For more information and to order an autographed copy:  

Margaret Rome, phone 410-530-2400, email



Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland's Blog Posts


Margaret has enthusiastically embraced the technology tools that help to serve her clients quickly, effectively, and personally. She keeps her always-connected, go-anywhere iPad tablet computer close at hand. This one tool allows her to show listings and  electronically  handle the many details of a transaction, email the paperwork to clients and lenders instantly. Her iPhone keeps her in touch with clients, and her GPS keeps her going in the right direction. Margaret uses a professional photographer to capture high-quality images for her listings. Her Web site welcomes both sellers and buyers and gives them useful information in addition to quick access to all her listings. And her blog, also accessed at, features up-to-the-minute real estate news and insights. Margaret truly makes Cyberspace work! It’s no wonder that more and more people agree: "Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome





What can you say that sums up a person who sells homes at full price or better, who earns a full commission rate, who has people waiting to list with her, who is electronically connected in every way imaginable and who manages to be a nice person at the same time? Two words: Margaret Rome .




The second briefing..RECS.. is with Margaret Rome, who single-handedly maintains a successful, high-service real estate business while averaging a week a month off. Her independent style is an interesting contrast to the popular team approach. Rome credits the Society with giving her the technological know-how that allows her to compete on her own terms. She shares her secrets for personal productivity, describing in detail her innovative ways of working with clients from any location. Through her creative use of her web site, she is able to leverage her business into the buyers' side while maintaining her preference for working with sellers. Rome identifies her favorite hardware and software tools as well as her favorite online services and resources. According to Rome, "We all have to find our niche. My niche is that I'd rather do what I do best and do less of it than…be a mega agent."

Interview with Margaret Rome Listen to at RECS radioSecrets for Personal Productivity1. By using technology, Rome single-handedly maintains a successful, high-service real estate business while averaging a week off a month.2. Rome limits the number of listings she takes at any one time to 15 so that she can maintain first-class service; her niche is to do what she does best on a scale she can manage alone.3. Because she loves doing the kind of tasks assistants often do for agents, Rome seeks assistance in other areas, such as cooking and cleaning.4. Rome has set up her phones for callers to leave her a message; no one else speaks to her clients, and she is never interrupted while speaking with anybody; the arrangement also gives her privacy regarding her whereabouts.5. Rome's manner of working represents a different style from the team approach.Tools for Running Her Business- Rome relies on a laptop  that gives her email access at all times; anyone making an appointment schedules directly with her.-. Her web site is a valuable tool; potential listing clients can go to the site to interview her there; Rome is in the position to accept only the clients she wishes to work with, and she takes people only by referral.- The web site is also the resource for property information in lieu of flyers or brochures; each property listing has its own page complete with description and multiple photos; sellers, buyers and other agents can access what they need from the site and print out copies if they wish.- Rome uses the services of a young techie to post listings on the site; after a one-stop listing appointment during which she photographs the property while talking to the clients, Rome emails the photos to the techie.'Buyers 4 Your Home' Page1. Rome chooses not to work extensively with buyers, but if one comes to her and Rome does not have an appropriate property listed, she offers to post an ad on her web site for the buyer that details what the buyer is looking for.2. Whenever Rome has sellers that she can't handle, she refers them to the 'Buyers4YourHome' page to check if there is a match.3. Rome offers to send buyers any listings of interest she acquires and asks that they call her if they see anything of interest; through Rome's web site, buyers have access to every multiple-listed property, can sign up to search for their preferences and to be notified daily of new, appropriate listings.4. Rome sends a signature email to prospective buyers explaining how to access multiple listings from her site and suggesting three or four lenders that they could contact about pre approval.



Margaret Rome, Broker/Owner HomeRome Realty in Baltimore, MD has been Elected Chairman of the Greater Baltimore Chapter of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society.

John M. Peckham III, Executive Director of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society announced Chairman Rome's election and explained that the new Society Chapter brings national Cyberspace networking support to real estate professionals in this area. By utilizing the wide reach of the Internet, Society members bring additional value to the clients they serve.

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with 3000 members in over 90 Chapters across the United States and in several other countries. The Society provides real estate professionals with the latest up to the minute real estate Cyberspace tools and services to leverage their effectiveness, visibility and professionalism serving its members and the public from its worldwide Internet office at

Margaret Rome ABR,Broker, CAP,CRS, GRI, LTG, RECS, RRC, Cyberstar,CyberPro, brings a wealth of professionalism to the Society. Rome concluded that she is dedicated to serving clients with the latest technological innovations enhanced by the services received through her participation in the Society


Martha Stephens RGS Fountainhead "Technology and Being Better at What We Do":In my role as Chairman of Education for the State and Baltimore Chapters of WCR, I work with many talented and knowledgeable instructors, and I can honestly say that the Day of Education, which provided 6 hours of FREE CE to WCR Members and was open to all, was one of the most productive and interesting programs we have had.... Margaret's discussion on putting ideas into practical use via technology enabled us to see new ways to use the tools at our fingertips.....

The Power of One. Imagine receiving an award from your peers - a really important and prestigious award. Not an Oscar, nor Salesperson of the Year or even a Lifetime Achievement recognition. It’s a simple little plaque with a small silver pin attached. But engraved in delicate gold lettering it says:The Power of One
The little things you do each day have the power to affect a great many people. You inspire us with your willingness and ability to help others. You take on the day one day at a time. Continually searching for a way to make things better, seizing the opportunity to improve everyday life.
You make a world of difference.
Yep. Goosebumps time and maybe a tear or two. I wasn’t there when my friend Margaret received the Humanitarian of the Year award from her fellow real estate CyberStars in San Antonio recently. But I have known her quiet kindness and unobtrusive generosity, and want to add my applause. She is who I want to be when I grow up.  by Peg Silloway at 1/19/2006   





I had to sit down right away to thank you for the wonderful work you did in finding the perfect buyers for my mother's house! Without you making things run so smoothly, this chapter in our lives would have been much more difficult -- emotionally and in the actual exercise of selling our family home! Settlement day has now come and passed and this chapter in my life is complete.   I must tell you this ...  Your efficient manner -- your kindness and understanding -- and the way you operate is the epitome of professionalism!   

You helped me at every turn; clearly explained anything I didn't quite understand; gave me excellent advice all the way through this chapter.  And, you also made this transaction more profitable than we imagined!   

My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this transition a smooth sail ... If I hadn't chosen you as my realtor -- I would surely have chosen you as a friend!  

Thank you   

Anne Tempera & Family



I've got some great news. My very dear friend, Margaret Rome, is not only an exceptional friend but a great Realtor. Her website is full of the most wonderful ideas and blogs:
Margaret is in the process of having a fabulous book releasted entitled, "Real Estate the Right Rome Way" Yes, I crossed out the word "right" because that's on the cover. You must go to her home page and see the book cover or should I say, "EXPERIENCE THE COVER..JACKET"! Again, that's It will give you inspiration and a wonderful insight into my dear friend. Her ideas work and she is willing to share them with all of us. She is generous with her time and self.
Her slogan on her site is "Sell Your Home with Margaret Rome". She hosts a radio segment from time to time on Real Estate. Her knowledge that she shares is so packed full of the greatest ideas. She's inttroduced me to so many wonderful ideas. One of which is Active Rain. She believes in people helping people.
I can't say enough good things about my dear friend, and she is fabulously gifted in this business that we do. Let her show you what you are missing and how her words can bring you to new heights.
You must visit her website and look at the cover of her upcoming book. Don't miss this opportunity to be able to obtain an autographed copy, first addition of this book. I promise it will change the way you look at things and change the way you do business. I promise just one look at the cover will tell you how "EXTRAORDINARY" a person she is.
With warm regards,
Gail Harris, Licensed Realtor in Maryland and Virginia
"A rose by any other name"....

Testimonials for Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland

  • Sherrie Spier and Susie Smith

    Sadly, the time had come for me and my sister to sell the house where we had shared a deep rooted bond with our parents. This was more than a piece of real estate-it was our home-our sanctuary-a special dwelling filled with much love and countless happy memories. Our parents were so proud of this house their long awaited Shangri-la, designed and built especially for them. This wooded property with with its songs of nature, brought them many smiles.

    My sister and I began our search for that person who would guide us through this real estate journey. After several exhausting and disappointing experiences we were introduced to Margaret Rome. An instant connection was sparked. Our first meeting with Margaret was uplifting and positive. She "got" us and our quirky house. She was excited about a challenge of this adventure and confident in her ability to deliver that special buyer.

    Our words to describe Margaret-compassionate, approachable, sincere, professional diligent, trustworthy, reliable, tireless and easy to work with. Margaret, our dear friend, thank you for honoring our parents. We love you,

    Sherrie and Susie

  • Geoffrey

    Dear Margaret,
    Just a quick note to sincerely thank you for the outstanding job you did in selling my parents home. Your professionalism, courtesy, advise, and honesty were were first class.
    Margaret, from the first time we dealt with you, we found you to be very informative, polite, yet so full of positive energy. In our particular sale, that energy was needed and deeply appreciated.
    Thank you Margaret for everything you did. I will tell you that without hesitation, I would happily recommend you to anyone selling or purchasing real estate.

    Geoffrey Rosenbloom, LUTCF
    Preferred Benefit Services, LLC.
    (301) 649-4500
    Fax: (301) 649-1654

  • Robert Pope

    Nobody knows real estate like Margaret, so when it was time to find a new house and sell my old one, Margaret wasn’t my first choice, she was my ONLY choice. Everything was handled smoothly and efficiently, to the point that I didn’t have to worry about anything at all. Margaret got my condo sold quickly, for full asking price. And even though my unit was modestly priced, Margaret worked as hard for me as she did for her more luxurious listings. You just can’t argue with results. I recommend Margaret highly, and when it comes time to do this again, well, let’s just say that I’m keeping her on my speed dial!

  • Kathi

    ''I was sitting in the dentist's chair on an ordinary morning in Maryland. He asked if I had sold my little farm yet, and I sadly replied, "No." I shared with him that I didn't think my Realtor was really working for me. There had been very few showings and little interest in the time I had it listed with her (nearly a year). The fact was that I wasn't at all sure how long it was going to take to sell it, given the recession and the fact that it was a "specialty" property.

    He then said to me, "If you really want to sell your place, you need to call Margaret Rome." When he finished cleaning my teeth, he jotted her phone number down on the back of my next appointment card and said again, "Call her!"

    And so I did.

    Within a day or two, Margaret came out to New Windsor to meet me and have a look at my little 7-acre piece of Paradise. My first thought was "what does this little tiny city lady know about horses and farming?"

    Margaret admitted that her knowledge of such things wasn't a lot, but she showed a genuine interest in learning anything and everything that I was willing to teach her. More importantly, instead of criticizing my many-times improved 100-year old house, she shared everything she LIKED about it! When we had finished touring the house, I took her on a tour of the grounds...and Margaret got to meet my lovely Tennessee Walking Horse, Rio."

    ''At the end of our meeting, Margaret said, "I will find you a buyer. It might take awhile, but if they are out there, I will find them!" She didn't tell me that I had to re-paint or re-do anything and that there was no need to stage the inside of the house. She also said that when she did have a showing, it might be helpful for me to be around to answer questions they might have about the barns, outbuildings, fences, etc. I was good with that.

    Margaret also made absolutely sure that I understood all the terms and conditions of the contract documents and would patiently answer my questions as they came up. I felt as if I were in the best possible hands and had renewed hope that I would be able to sell my farm and move on to the next chapter of my life.

    Fast forward to December 2012 -- just two days after Christmas. Margaret called to say she wanted to show my house the next day. I immediately said, "But Margaret -- it's the middle of winter and everything outside is all brown! And there's Christmas decorations all over the place in here! Nobody is going to buy a house between Christmas and New Year's!" Well, her confident reply was to tell me that she had sold TWO houses on Christmas Eve and that things happen exactly when they are supposed to!

    Within two weeks, an offer came in and I was delighted. We only went back-and-forth once and it was a done deal. Margaret informed the Buyers that I was not going to be able to close on the sale until sometime in mid-April due to the weather and the fact that I was going to be packing up 25 years worth of stuff and selling off the farm equipment that I was no longer going to need. She even put me directly in touch with the Buyers, as they were interested in a lot of the equipment and some of the furniture, as well.

    The next few months were difficult for me. Not only was I selling the place I had called home for 25 years, I was breaking off a 5-year engagement with someone AND had decided to move 1,100 miles away. I couldn't have asked for a better friend than Margaret. She listened to me when I was down and she held my hand through the entire process.

    When the closing day came, Margaret and I already had plans to have lunch together afterward. This was really special for me. I was more than pleased with the real estate deal, but even more, I knew I had made a good friend. We are still in touch today!

    Would I recommend Margaret Rome as a Realtor? Absolutely yes -- and I have done so several times since then. She is professional, personable, friendly and she didn't waste my time bringing people to my property who truly weren't "right" for it.
    Margaret Rome gets 5 STARS from me!''

  • Dr. & Mrs. David G.

    There oughta be 6 stars just for Margaret Rome. She is truly in a class by herself. We have sold two homes with Margaret, and she was at all times thoughtful, caring, and sensitive to the emotional roller coaster that both buying and selling a home entail, while at the same time she is the consummate professional and a shrewd bargainer. She will go to the mat for you as her client, she knows what works and doesn't, and literally wrote the book (see and look up "Real Estate the Rome Way"). Whenever we felt lost or despondent, Margaret was there to encourage us and ease our minds. She is a warm, kind, genuine, honest person who takes the time to get to know her clients as individuals and helps them think clearly and decisively about a subject that is laden with emotion and uncertainty. She is the big sister or favorite aunt in Real Estate everyone wishes they had, except she is RIGHT HERE in Baltimore and ready to give you the benefit of her experience, compassion, and dedication. I only regret that (years ago) when we moved to NY, we couldn't have Margaret negotiate for us. She never fails to impress; we have known her and worked with her for over 10 years and are proud to call her not only our agent, but our friend.

  • Paul and Cheryl

    "So you thought selling your home would be difficult and stressful? Not if your REALTOR is Margaret Rome. Having listed our home for five months and not getting one single showing, our hopes for a quick painless sale were diminishing. We were so fortunate to have a friend refer us to Margaret and blessed she took us on as clients.

    The rest is pretty much history. We had two showings the first week and after just twenty-one days on the market we had a contract.

    Margaret's professionalism, knowledge, and experience lead us to settlement seven weeks later. The passion she has for her work is evident with her marketing methods, including a radio show and blog and her skill at keeping us calm and updated on where we were in the process was priceless.

    We felt like we were her only client and we know we were not. What's probably most important is that we feel we've made a friend. We hope that we can stay in touch and have dinner as your busy schedule allows. Thank you Margaret for everything!

    Take care


    Cheryl and Paul Bayer'"

  • Kim

    Thank you for being “THE BEST” agent because you were there for every step of the process. We were never left alone. You were there for every showing, the unbelievable home inspection with the infamous Russ Allen, the appraisal, the pre-settlement walk thru with the buyers, and the settlement that almost wasn’t. In addition you provided guidance on the escrow release from our rent back agreement. We have never heard of such a personable agent! We will recommend you to anyone we know in the market to buy or sell real estate.
    Thank you for your advise during the process – house related, relationship related, and children related. Most of all, thank you for your friendship. Keep doing what you’re doing – challenge the status quo and never settle for anything less than better than best. That’s why you are #1!

  • Teri and David

    One word to describe Margaret Rome is AMAZING! You absolutely want this woman as your Realtor. She's got a wonderful warm personality, full of energy and highly professional. She's a total go-getter who produces results fast. My husband and I are SO grateful we found her!! We didn't know all the ins and outs involved with selling a home,and Margaret educated us on our options and walked us through the process. We would have been lost without her. She sold our home for us in 2005 when we moved out of state for a better job, and in the past month showed us homes as we were thinking of coming back to the Baltimore area. Her knowledge, professionalism, patience, and negotiation skills are beyond excellent! Her work ethic is outstanding! I honestly do not think there could be a better realtor than Margaret in the Baltimore area!

  • 329194

    A five-star experience all the way! Margaret Rome knows the business like no other Realtor in the area. Equally important, she is a pleasure to work with. She's incredibly responsive, smart, and supportive. She has a warm, gracious personality, but she also knows how to draw the line and get tough with the other guys when necessary! It's a difficult market now for sellers, especially for condos, but Margaret never gave up on selling mine. She also kept me apprised of developments during the selling process. Want your emails answered lightning-quick? Margaret's the one! I would recommend Margaret Rome without reservation.

  • Len

    I owned a rental rowhome in Baltimore City that I had been trying to sell for three years without even one showing. I was going through a very well known agency that was well established in the area. After 6 months with the new agents, I obtained Margaret Romes number. She was such a positive helpful agent, willing to try anything to get the property sold. The property was not in the best of neighborhoods but that did not deter her in any way. She was determined to help me (thank goodness!) Within a few months she called me with an offer and we settled within a month. I was thrilled with the entire process. Margaret truly cares about her clients and is fantastic at keeping you up to date and informed.

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