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I’ve been in real estate for over a decade, and in that time I’ve grown to love what I do. I’ve always believed that work should be fun and that, truly working as a team, we can develop the kind of synergy uncommon in most organizations.

As far as my personal skills and experience go, I’ve been involved in just about every type of transaction possible, from short sales and bank-owned REO properties, to foreclose, bare land, residential and commercial. In addition to doing brokerage, I invest heavily in the space, specializing in distressed properties. I think it’s important to know what’s going on every step of the way, so I’ve also participated in land development and different kinds of construction and home building. On a more personal note, lately I’ve been focusing more on giving back to the community and helping the area’s less privileged youth, with an eye toward the future of this industry and how we affect the environment. I'm also the founder of Youth Building Green, a charitable organization based around those very ideals.


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I helped found Youth Building Green in 2007 as a way to address the ongoing need to move toward more green building standards, while benefiting some less-privileged youth. We teach sustainable building practices to today’s youth and help them develop skills and education that will benefit them and their environment moving forward.

Youth Building Green accomplishes this through myriad projects and undertakings, with all the construction---residential, commercial and industrial---focusing on eco-friendly practices and technologies. Above all, our projects add value to the local community both economically and socially, and they do so in environmentally-friendly ways, benefitting both said community and the kids with whom we work.

We focus on providing these opportunities to youth from ethnic and tribal communities, as well as kids who may not have an abundance of opportunities. These include youth who come from low-income families, youth with disabilities, youth involved with the criminal justice system, youth in foster or state care and youth recovering from substance addiction. In addition to building green awareness and values in these youth, we also want to ensure they’re given all the opportunities that anyone else would have. Our work during the year as well as donations help us fund scholarships, which we then use to offer the chance to attend summer camp.

Our Core Mission is to give every person the opportunity to live and work green. If you want to learn more about Youth Building Green or you want to get involved, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Work should fund our passions, and I’m happy to say that mine does.



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