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Virtually closed

Product Reviews for Virtually Closed

Virtually Closed Overview

4.75/5 4
Average Rating: 4.75/5 (4 votes cast)
Address: 1222 SE 47th Street #206 , Cape Coral , FL 33904
Category: Services
Subcategory Virtual Assistant
Virtually Closed is a company that assists real estate agents on their transactions, in other words a contract to close coordinator! We will oversee and communicate with all parties involved in the real estate transaction. This means once an agent has a property under contract we will get introduced as your assistant. We will make sure deadlines are met, escrow is delivered, inspections are done and while we are handling your pending transactions you can be out selling real estate!

Many agents like to be in control which is natural of course, but agents are loosing out on income because they are dealing with non-income producing activities such as following up on the delivery of escrow. By allowing someone else to handle these details for you, you can have more time to show properties, go on listing appointments and focus on getting new clients!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that our fee goes directly on the HUD and we never touch your commission!

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Virtually Closed Reviews

(by pthakkar)
Andover, MA
Real Estate Agent
Contact Me Reviews(700) 64.29 % Positive Feedback
Virtually Closed is the name of this service provider. The website leads to a blank page - tried ... more
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(by tonymarriott)
Scottsdale, AZ
Real Estate Agent
Contact Me Reviews(671) 76.13 % Positive Feedback
We learned years ago to leverage our time by bringing virtual assistants on to the team for both Lis... more
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(by davidsaks)
Memphis, TN
Education & Training
Contact Me Reviews(538) 63.30 % Positive Feedback
I know that Jackie Diaz' fine company services closings within Lee County Florida, but it would serv... more
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(by adiaz850)
Cape Coral, FL
Real Estate Agent
Contact Me Reviews(1) 100.00 % Positive Feedback
It is funny how we agents will talk ourselves out of such an important thing like HELP! But we will ... more
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