Out of all the social platforms that agents can use to expand the reach of their business, LinkedIn is the one that does not get much mention. Why is this? Maybe it is because of their weird quirks and idiocsyncracies that make the platform not an ideal user experience? Perhaps...but there is mu...
See title. This happened this week on a sponsored post for our FSBO download. Doesn't it make you want to place your palm firmly on your forehead? We are would YOU respond to this FSBO?
Hey Active Rain Community!We have created a few Mothers Day Cards you can download, customize, and post to your Facebook page! Feel free to post on other social networks or send directly to your real estate leads. You can download them by clicking on this link. Here are a few examples of some of ...
Is your password "password"? We hope not! Is your password for Facebook the same password you use for your bank? Definitely not a good idea either. In order to be super secure, it is recommended that you never use the same password for all your online accounts. Additionally, it should be a passwo...
Since the beginning of 2018, Youtube has been in a tumultuous relationship with its creators and its advertisers. Small creators are being removed from the partnership program. Large creators are not having their videos shown to subscribers due to questionable change in the algorithm. And adverti...
Here's a fun question! You are on Facebook, you get a friend request from a random person. After looking at their profile you notice that they are also a real estate agent. Do you accept the friend request? Why or why not? The pros of accepting: - If they aren't in the business for long, you migh...
A real estate prospect calls you! But you are out with another client, and answering the phone would be unprofessional or rude. It goes to voicemail..... How do you convert this prospect into a client, after missing their call? Easy peasy! There are a few rules you must follow to craft an effect ...
As most real estate agents are just finally understanding how to use Facebook, Instagram still mystifies business owners. There is a lot of false information being shared by social media gurus (seriously, how is everybody a guru now?) that we would like to debunk. Let's Talk About These Instagram...
Did you hear about the real estate photographer that was shot by the homeowner? Long story short, the real estate photographer entered the home to take photos. However, the homeowner was not aware that anybody was scheduled to photograph the home. After entering the building, the alarm was set an...
Happy Early St. Patrick's Day! Here we have a few green tips to give your seller leads! Going green can increase the value of their home, and by the transitive property, your comission!Share these tips in passing, in an email campaign, or sprinkle them into your Facebook posting schedule: 1. Use ...

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