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Trivia question answers for Thursday March 1, 20181. What's the name of the science of growing plants in liquid nutrients instead of soil? Hydroponics2. What spice is often considered as the most expensive one by weight? Saffron3. What author created the character of Mike Hammer? Mickey Spillane4...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday February 28, 20181. What brightly colored monkey is the world's largest? The Mandrill2. What is the seventh sign of the zodiac? Libra3. Who is the adopted son of Vito Coleone? Tom Hagen4. Who played Willy Wonka in the original version of "Willy Wonka and the ...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday February 27, 20181. What scandal forced US President Richard Nixon to resign in 1974? Watergate Scandal2. What is the study of the Sun called? Heliology3. A sonnet usually has how many lines? 144. What did my true love give me on the fifth day of Christmas? Fiv...
Trivia question answers for Monday February 26, 20181. What was the name of the Uncle Bill's butler on "Family Affair"? Mr. French2. What science deals with the motion of projectiles? Ballistics3. How many teaspoons are there in a cup? 484. Which US state is nicknamed the "Wolverine State"? Michi...
Trivia question answers for Sunday February 25, 20181. What was George Washington's wife's name? Martha2. What fast food chain offered a sandwich known as the "Big Montana"? Arby's3. What year was the first Super Bowl played? 19674. What bird lays its eggs in other birds' nests? CockooTrivia ques...
Trivia question answers for Saturday February 24, 20181. What does uranium become when it has lost all of its radioactivity? Lead2. What does the seventh amendment of the US Constitution guarantee? Trial by jury3. How many husbands did Elizabeth Taylor have? Seven4. What is the name of the island...
Trivia question answers for Friday February 23, 20181. Which chemical element has the highest boiling point? Tungsten2. What Texas city is nicknamed "The Yellow Rose of Texas"? Amarillo3. Who famously said "When in doubt tell the truth"? Mark Twain4. What mountain is the tallest point in Canada? ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday February 22, 20181. What is the only rock that will float on water? Pumice2. What was the name of Ashley Wilkes' plantation on "Gone With the Wind"? Twelve Oaks3. How many hours are there in one week? 1684. What is a male goose called? GanderTrivia questions f...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday February 21, 20181. What was Bette Midler's only #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart? Wind Beneath My Wings2. What are deheaded, deveined and sorted by size in a Laitram machine? Shrimp3. Achilles' heal was the result of him being dipped in what my...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday February 20, 20181. Who keeps telling Captain Kirk that Earthlings are "highly illogical"? Spock2. What is the common name for many species of burrowing mollusks? Clam3. What country do the Galapagos Islands belong to? Ecuador4. How many tournaments make up a g...

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