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Trivia question answers for Sunday March 11, 20181. How many years did prohibition last in the US? 132. On the pH scale, which number represents "Neutral"? 73. Mount Sunflower is what US state's highest point? Kansas4. How many of the gifts in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" include human...
Trivia question answers for Saturday March 10, 20181. What animal has the highest blood pressure? Giraffe2. What bay does the Ganges River flow into? Bay of Bengal3. Pepsi Twist was a Pepsi flavored with what? Lemon4. Which state has the least rainfall? NevadaTrivia questions for Sunday March 11,...
Tivia question answers for Friday March 9, 20181. Which word, taken from the French, translates literally as "rotten pot"? potpourri2. What nation's legislative body is named The Bundestag? Germany3. What birds are traditionally used as gas detectors in coal mines? Canaries4. What does B stand fo...
Trivia question answers for Thursday March 8, 20181. What name is given to the metal bars running across the neck of a guitar? Frets2. What is the chemical symbol for silver? Ag3. What is the colorful stage name of singer Alecia Moore? Pink4. How many sides does a decagon have? TenTivia questions...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday March 7, 20181. What is the chemical symbol for potassium? K2. In the world of sports, what does NCAA stand for? National Collegiate Athletic Association3. What major river runs through Washington DC? Potomac4. What is the common term for an injury to the nec...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday March 6, 20181. What does the computer term WORM stand for? Write once read many2. Who spoke the first recorded message "Mary had a little lamb"? Thomas Edison3. A young shark is known as a what? A cub4. Under what brand name does Roche market the sedative diaz...
Trivia question answers for Monday March 5, 20181. What is the shortest and bloodiest of Shalespeare's plays? Macbeth2. Who was the main actor in the movie "A Beautiful Mind"? Russell Crowe3. What name is given to rain with a particularly low pH? acid rain4. In what city was fashion designer Gian...
Trivia question answers for Sunday March 4, 20181. What drink began in Morison's drug store in Waco, Texas in 1885? Dr. Pepper2. From what language did English borrow the word "ukulele"? Hawaiian3. What model of automatic rifle was the most common used by American Soliders in South Vietnam?M164. ...
Trivia question answers for Saturday March 3, 20181. Who did George Washington name as vice president? John Adams2. What is the fear of knowledge known as? Epistemophobia3. In what state is it illegal to smoke a pipe after sunset? Rhode Island4. What drink's Gaelic name means "water of life"? Whi...
Trivia question answers for Friday March 2, 20181. The name of what household product stands for "water displacement, formulation successful in 40th attempt? WD-402. What author created the character of Tom Sawyer? Mark Twain3. Selophobia is the fear of what? Flashing Lights4. What is both a type...

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