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Trivia question answers for Wednesday March 21, 20181. What kind of dog is Marmaduke? A Great Dane2. What is the more common name for the bone called the furcula, found in birds? Wishbone3. What is the nearest star to the earth? The Sun4. Who wrote "The Invisible Man"? H.G. WellsTrivia questions ...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday March 20, 20181. What language gave us the word "alphabet"? Greek2. What is the capital of Ukraine? Kiev3. What branch of philosophy deals with the end of the world? Eschatology4. What was Matt Dillon's horse on "Gunsmake" named? BuckTrivia questions for Wednes...
Trivia question answers for Monday March 19, 20181. What grows in a paddy field? Rice2. What is the longest running US game show? The Price is Right3. What mountin range does the Gotthard Base Tunnel pass through? The Alps4. A 25 to 31 mph wind on the Beaufort scale is called a what? Strong breez...
Trivia question answers for Sunday March 18, 20181. Anthracite and bituminous are two types of what? Coal2. Gouda and Edam are cities in what country? The Nertherlands3. How many pounds are there in the standard US ton? 2,0004. What does a cartographer do? Makes mapsTrivia questions for Monday Ma...
Trivia question answers for Saturday March 17, 20181. Doraphobia is the fear of what? Fur2. The Stanley Cup is played for in what sport? Ice Hockey3. Where were the first Academy Awards held at? Roosevelt hotel4. What is the name of the process of splitting atomic nuclei? FissionTrivia questions ...
Trivia question answers for Friday March 16, 20181. Who wrote the book on which the Oscar winning film "The Godfather" was based? Mario Puzo2. How many tablespoons are in a cup? 163. Who recorded the album "Immaculate Collection"? Madonna4. Who created the TV show "Wheel of Fortune"? Merv Griffin...
Trivia question answers for Thursday March 15, 20181. Which blood type is universal? O negative2. How many strings do most guitars have? 63. Who was the youngest member of the Jackson Five? Michael4. In which sport are banderillas used? bullfightingTrivia questions for Friday March 16, 20181. Who...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday March 14, 20181. What company, founded in 1885, is the oldest telecommunications company in the US? AT&T2. Graham Kerr became famous under what nickname? The Galloping Gourmet3. In what city would you find Gorky Park? Moscow4. What is the rainiest state in th...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday March 13, 20181. How many furlongs to a mile? 82. What fish is known as poor mans lobster? Monk fish3. What novel depicts the life of the Joad family during the Great Depression? The Grapes of Wrath4. What nation is home to the Komodo dragon? IndonesiaTrivia qu...
Trivia question answers for Monday March 12, 20181. What is the middle color in a rainbow? Green2. When was Coca-Cola first introduced? 18863. What is the square root of 121? 114. Toxiphobia is a fear of what? Being poisonedTrivia questions for Tuesday March 13, 20181. How many furlongs to a mile...

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