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Trivia question answers for Monday April 9, 20181. What type of animal is a Samoyed? Dog2. In the movie "Bullitt", what car does Steve McQueen drive? Ford Mustang3. What was Pinocchio's father's name? Gepetto4. What country has the highest consumption of candy annually per person? DenmarkTrivia q...
Trivia question answers for Sunday April 8, 20181. What Coca-Cola flavor bebuted the same year as New Coke? Cherry Coke2. What sort of animal is a Fennec? A Fox3. What is the fear of mushrooms known as? Mycophobia4. The ruby anniversary celebrates how many years of marriage? 40Trivia questions fo...
Trivia question answers for Saturday April 7, 20181. Which planet is the hottest in our solar system? Venus2. In what sport do teams compete for the Swaythling Cup? Table tennis3. What do you call the feeling of having experienced something before? Deja vu4. What is a small group of islands  call...
Trivia question answers for Friday April 6, 20181, What is the fear of politicians known as? Politicophobia2. What group wrote the 1979 hit single "In the Navy"? The Village People3. What is the world's fastest dog? Greyhound4. In what city did the Hindenburg airship disaster occur? Lakehurst, Ne...
Trivia question answers for Thursday April 5, 20181. What addiction-inducing crop did Christopher Columbus discover in Cuba in 1492? Tobacco2. Heliophobia is a fear of what? Sun3. Before starting to produce cars in the late 1940's, what did SAAB originally manufacture? Aircraft4. What does the Sc...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday April 4, 20181. What is the world's fastest growing plant? Bamboo2. What note is the highest string on a violin usually tuned to? E3. What Egyptian pharaoh was known as "The Boy King"? Tutankhamen4. Which of the main categories of cloud forms at the highest a...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday April 3, 20181. How many inches is a span? 92. What comes in varieties freestone and clingstone? Peaches3. What is the world's longest island? Greenland4. A "peck" is how many imperial quarts? 8Trivia questions for Wednesday April 4, 20181. What is the world's ...
Trivia question answers for Monday April 2, 20181. What type of instrument is a Celesta? Keyboard2. What German city is famous for a scent it produces? Cologne3. In "Wizard of Oz", what was the lion in search of? Courage4. In British English, what is the two-initial term for a resume? CVTrivia qu...
Trivia question answers for Sunday April 1, 20181. Of the four suits of cards, which is the highest ranking in a game of bridge? Spades2.  What is a parsec a unit of? Length3. Where is the Basketball Hall of Fame located? Springfield Massachusetts4. What famous TV cops drove a 1974 Ford Torino? S...
Trivia question answers for Saturday March 31, 20181. How many milliliters in a teaspoon? 52. Which car manufacturer's name translates from Latin as "to roll"? Volvo3. Which food manufacturer produces and sells Cheez Whiz? Kraft Foods4. How many pounds are there in a long ton? 2,240Trivia questio...

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