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Trivia question answers for Sunday December 31, 20171. Who is credited with inventing the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell2. What year was the Amazon Kindle Fire first introduced? 20113. Which country's days include Fire day, Water day and Wood day? Japan's4. In which hemisphere can penquins be f...
Trivia question answers for Saturday December 30, 20171. What does a herpetologist study? Reptiles2. What European capital was first dubbed the City of Light in the 19th century? Paris3. What musical instrument does Jack steal from the beanstalk giant? A Harp4. What is the Cleveland Browns Stadiu...
Trivia question answers for Friday December 29, 20171. Of what nationality was explorer Captain James Hook? British2. The fear of shellfish is known as what? Ostraconophobia3. How many friends are featured on the TV show "Friends"? Six4. What was the first product to have a barcode? Wrigley's Gum...
Trivia question answers for Thursday December 28, 20171. Who was the original voice of Mickey Mouse? Walt Disney2. What name is given to the full moon closest to the autumn equinox? Harvest Moon3. What stickers were spoofs of the Cabbage Patch Kids? Garbage Pail Kids4. Christmas Island is a terri...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday December 27, 20171. The word "laser" stands for what? Light Amplification by Stimulation of Radiation2. In what 1967 film did Gene Hackman earn his first Oscar nomination? Bonnie & Clyde3. What does blitzkrieg mean? Lightning War4. Greek Feta cheese is typica...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday December 26, 20171.  How long does a day last on Uranus? 17 hours2. How much did the first Hot Wheels car sell for in 1968? 69 cents3. According to their own theme song, what 1960's group was "too busy singin" to put anybody down? The Monkees4. A Sone is a unit...
Trivia question answers for Monday December 25, 20171. How did Princess Diana die in 1997? Car accident2. The island country Cyprus, lies within what water body? Mediterranean Sea3. What television show's theme was played at the commissioning of the first space shuttle? Star Trek's4. What nicknam...
Trivia question answers for Sunday December 24, 20171. During which month is the longest day of the year in the Southern hemisphere? Deccember2. On the TV show "Cheers", what was Sam's nickname when he pitched for the Boston Red Sox? May Day3. Where is Lake Como? Italy4. What is the highest femal...
Trivia question answers for Saturday December 23, 20171. What is the only insect that can turn its head? Preying Mantis2. In skiing, what is a mogul? A Bump or Small Hill3. What are the first names of the popular musical duo "Hall and Oates"? Darryl & John4. What color is an adult Bald Eagle's be...
Trivia question answers for Friday December 22, 20171. What islands are home to most of the world's blue footed boobies? The Galapagos Islands2. What crop failure caused the Irish Famine? Potatoes3. What TV show, besides "Green Acres", is set in the town of Hootersville? Petticoat Junction4. In w...

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