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Trivia question answers for Sunday May 20, 20181. Which hills divide England and Scotland? Cheviot Hills2. The Apgar score is used to measure the color and condition of what? Newborns3. Herodotus is commonly referred to as what? The father of history4. How many white stripes are there on the Amer...
Trivia question answers for Saturday May 19, 20181. What is measured in Candelas? Luminous intensity2. How many territories does India have? 7 3. Where might you drink Restina wine? Greece4. What is "pub" short for? Public houseTrivia questions for Sunday May 20, 20181. Which hills divide England...
Trivia question answers for Friday May 18, 20181. What is one of pi's rational approximations? 22/72. What country borders Sudan to the north? Egypt3. What is the alcoholic ingredient in a Bloody Mary? Vodka4. Which planet is named for the God of War? Marsrday May 19, 2018Trivia questions for Sat...
Trivia question answers for Thursday May 17, 20181. What was Cambodia once known as? Khmer Empire2. What are fingernails made of? Keratin3. What is a four letter Gaelic name for Scotland? Alba4. What fruit is "Citrus grandis"? PomeloTrivia questions for Friday May 18, 20181. What is one of pi's r...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday May 16, 20181. Eastern Diamondback, Massasauga, and Timber are what type of animal? Rattlesnake2, What is Falaka? Feet beating3. Graham Kerr became famous under what nickname? Galloping Gourmet4. What is the oldest and most numerous class of animals? InsectsT...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday May 15, 20181. What color does blue litmus paper change to in acid? Red2. What state is name to CNN? Georgia3.  In which European country would you find the Tokaj wine region? Hungary4. Who was the musical director for Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show" from 19...
Trivia question answers for Monday May 18, 20181. Who voiced Rocky in the movie "Chicken Run"? Mel Gibson2. What is the Oscar statuette holding in its hands? A sword3. For what does the "F" stand in the name F. Lee Bailey? Francis4. What is another name for a flower's colorful corolla? PetalsTriv...
Trivia question answers for Sunday May 13, 20181. What scale is used to measure the hardness of minerals? The Mohs Scale2. When facing Mount Rushmore, which president's head is farthest to the left? George Washington3. What is the main flavoring ingredient in a typical gin recipe? Juniper berries...
Trivia question answers for Saturday May 12, 20181. Guru Nanak founded which religion? Sikhism2. Above 5,000 feet, coffee beans tend to develop a high level of wbat? Acidity3. Who is the inventor of the cash register? James Ritty4. Which ocean is the world's largest? Pacific OceanTrivia questions...
Trivia question answers for Friday May 11, 20181. How many arms does a typical snowflake have? Six2. What word for a wimp comes from the title character of Howard Webster's comic strip "The Timid Soul"? Milquetoast3. Who was the star of the 1928 movie "Steamboat Willie"? Mickey Mouse4. During wha...

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