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This Tuesday, the 2018 Earthship Biotecture Conference will be called to order—but I’m not aware whether any Stockbridge delegates will be attending. Since sustainability and minimal use of the planet’s resources are the goals of the Earthship movement, the realities of airline fuel consumption a...
Particularly when the supply of homes for sale falls well below demand, house hunting can take more determination than usual. Since U.S. residential real estate markets have been long mired in exactly that lean-inventory situation—the accompanying publicity could discourage folks who’d otherwise ...
When is the best time for selling your Henry County house? Is there even a best time?If the change in residence is triggered by some inflexible external factor (like a transfer at work), the answer is foreordained: NOW! That can be right now, or in November, or February—since you will be making t...
One of the most important yet seldom discussed factors that should rate near the top of your list of requirements for a Henry County agent is how comfortable you feel in conversation with him or her. What might sound like New Age feel-goodery is actually a crucial ingredient in the buying and sel...
The text that accompanies your listing as it appears in the Henry County MLS listings is called upon to do more heavy lifting than you might think. If it reads something like:THREE BEDROOM ranch style Henry County charmer with 2 ½ baths, attractive kitchen, and fully landscaped backyard…—then it ...
With home prices and interest rates on the rise, you’re likely to assume that the cost of that next Henry County home you’re thinking about buying has made it a financial stretch—especially compared with “the good old days.” But news stories tend to omit the effect of rising incomes and actual in...
Spring is Stockbridge’s prime selling season, which means that, in addition to the welcome appearance of springtime flowers, we can look forward to the seasonal crop of Stockbridge “Open House” signs that will be sprouting up around town. The Open House events they announce will draw a wide audie...
Whenever a sign announces “The Home of the Future”—whether it’s in front of an exhibit at a science museum, a ride at Disneyland, or an exposition at some World’s Fair—it’s sure to draw a crowd. Of course! What Mcdonough homeowner wouldn’t be willing to fantasize about a future with housekeeping ...
 If you’re a typical Henry County consumer, like most Georgia residents, it wasn’t too long ago that you were being constantly bombarded by offers to let you in on a secret: your credit score. The “free credit score” ads got a lot of responses, but lately, they’ve grown scarcer. I think I know wh...
 Selling your Henry County house is a lot easier when you have an experienced professional relieving you of the lion’s share of the work. I spend full time dealing with the ins and outs of marketing, dealing with qualified prospective buyers, and making sure the Georgia and Henry County technical...

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