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Mortgage and Lending - Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709 - NMLS # 6869
      “You have to Check out Opportunities”  Thank you for the pre-qualification letter. So, here is the update, after I sent all the contracts (buyer broker and purchase and sale), the disclosures, the commission agreement between brokers, had long conversations, including our conversation, I wa...
“Making a Fee isn’t always Important, service is”     Hi Joe, Thank you again for your time and help with my mortgage.  The mortgage company, XXXXX XXXXXXX that you recommended can help me with a bank statement loan.  They've presented two different scenarios with two different percentage rates, ...
“Hurt Feelings, for Sure!”   He patiently waiting at the customer service desk for my turn. I had come back to return a pair of jeans that were too tight. "Is something wrong with them?" the teenage clerk asked me."Yes," I replied. "They hurt my feelings."The clerk had no response for me.
“When Buying Doesn’t Work, Renovations may be the next Option”  Hi Joe - It's been a while since we talked so I hope you remember me :). We were looking to add onto our existing house in the past and decided to look into other options. Well after exhausting the house search we are still consideri...
“Yes, a Second Mortgage is available”     Hey Joe, How are you and the family?  I was wondering if you still have people who do second mortgages I have had a huge amount of expenses and need to get a 2nd to pay off all or as much of my debt as possible.  I make enough money but between what I had...
 “None of Us would be this Stupid?”  Several days ago, as I left a meeting at a hotel, I desperately gave myself a personal "TSA pat down." I was looking for my keys. They were not in my pockets. A quick search in the meeting room revealed nothing. Suddenly I realized I must have left them in the...
“Never a Pre-Payment Penalty”   Good Morning Joe, Hope you are doing well. It's XXXX a year later & we have run into another potential house.  The figure will likely be a hefty $450,000.00 and we're looking to put $100,000.00 down to meet the 20% down to avoid the PMI. Could you give me your best...
“Buying a Home Directly from a Seller”     The sale for our house should be done within the next few weeks. Our contract says on, or before 4/13. Chris and I plan to start looking at different homes. We are not moving forward with the current property, the seller has been lying to us right along,...
“INVESTMENT ADVICE”  A financial planner suggested to a wealthy client that he should invest in a circus.The client expressed great surprise at such an unusual recommendation: "A circus? Why on earth should I buy into a circus?"The financial planner replied: "Because of the elephants."The client,...
“Credit Scores Improved, but Not Enough”    Good Afternoon Joe,We would like to revisit the purchase of the rent to own option that we are in right now. This would be a VA Guaranteed Loan. Purchase price if we close before May 1st would be $185,000.00 after May 1st it would be $190,550.00. We hav...

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