mentoring: Fake it until you make it! Not on my team - 01/17/12 09:03 AM
We have all heard the saying “Fake it until you make it!” Well, that doesn’t fly on my team. Now, I have a new agent on my team, she has only been licensed for 3 months and she just had her first close. She asked me if she should fake it or lie to potential clients.
I told her “NO WAY” and you are part of a team and you can tell them that. You are backed up and everything you do will be checked and double checked. If you have a questions, someone on the team will have an answer … (58 comments)

mentoring: Are you changing with the times or are you doing the same ole things that aren't working? - 12/17/11 01:41 PM

A lot of agents look at their business once a year and re-evaluate what they need to do in their business to make it successful. Now to me this is a huge mistake! I look at my business every month and if something isn’t working, I will eliminate it. If you don’t evaluate your business and continue what is working and eliminate what isn’t, you to like this general store will become obsolete.  How often do you look at your business?

mentoring: Are you willing to help those new to real estate? - 10/02/11 05:40 PM
Are you willing to help those new to real estate? Are you willing to mentor those who want to become the best they can be? Personally I love doing it, I love teaching others. Maybe it comes from growing up around teachers, but I truly do love it.
One of the things I love about it is that it keeps me up on my game and keeps me strong with the fundamentals of the business. Sometimes when I have been going awhile without a mentoring someone, I get lax, I forget about what has gotten me where I am today and … (17 comments)

mentoring: Do all your ads look the same? Maybe that is why you aren't getting calls - 09/23/11 04:14 AM

Have you ever wondered why one agent may get 30 calls from his craigslist ads while you get 1 or 2? Do you run the same ad every day, every week, every month? If you aren’t getting any calls and you aren’t changing your ad, then how do you expect to get any different results?

Changing your ad doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The key is to change it up and track your marketing. Not all ads are created equal and your job is to keep changing your ad until you get the 30 – 40 … (25 comments)

mentoring: I may not be as efficient as I thought - 04/26/11 07:33 PM
I’ve always thought of myself as a very efficient person, always getting a lot done. I decided that I would try something that I haven’t done in 3 years. I hired a real estate coach! Now, I used to have a real estate coach and my business skyrocketed after hiring them. But, when he passed away a couple years ago, I found it hard to hire another coach. I really thought I could do it without one and I did, but now I want to take my business to next level.
So, I hired a coach and part of the prep … (23 comments)

mentoring: There is light beyond the trees - 04/13/11 03:54 PM

I’m seeing more and more agents struggle every day. There is light beyond the dark trees and you need to reach out to it, grab it and go if you want to succeed in this business or any other. Real estate is a tough business, but there are those willing to reach out like a beacon of light and help, accept the warm glow of those beacons of light, accept the help rather than question why and have a brighter happier tomorrow.

mentoring: Want to be successful? Here is the secret! - 04/10/11 09:47 AM

Now, have you ever talked to a successful person? They all say one thing, they were self motivating, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a coach or a mentor, it just means they didn’t have to be told how to be successful, they just motivated themselves until the were a success.
Let’s look at the most successful thing you see, the sun, it doesn’t wait for someone to tell it when to rise, it is there, even if hidden behind the trees or clouds. (But, it is always there) Maybe we should look at the sun everyday and find … (7 comments)

mentoring: How do you find the cream of the crop when it comes to agents? Activerain of course! - 11/02/10 08:12 PM

How do I know this? Look around your office, think back to December 2008, how many of those agents do you still see in the office? Or better yet, how many of those agents are still even in the business? Would you say 75% of them are still at your office or are still in the business? If I could count the number of agents I met in December 2008, I certainly wouldn’t expect to see 75% of them still in the business.
The fact is, I did check and of the ones from 2008, only 43% of the agents … (37 comments)

mentoring: Can Raincamp make you a better and more productive blogger and Realtor? - 07/05/10 09:11 AM
Yes, I’m at the top of Activerain, but that doesn’t mean I can stop learning! I’m going to my first Raincamp on Wednesday here in Portland and why am I doing that? Well, to put it simply, though I can teach people how to use Activerain, there are still people who can teach me.
I will never pretend that I know everything. There is always something new and exciting in business, technology, and life, and there will always be someone smarter and better at it than me. The key for me is to learn from them and to never forget that … (31 comments)

mentoring: Are you prepared if the ball is hit right to you? - 04/17/10 01:11 PM
by Todd Clark (Broker/Sales Coach) 503-524-9494

How focused are you in your business when times are slow and you don't seem to be getting any business? This is the true test of a successful business person if you ask me. If you are distracted by other things than your business when the business comes you just may miss it.

Look at this picture, baseball to me is a great example of the real estate business. When times are slow a lot of people are stuck playing in the dirt rather than preparing for when the ball is hit … (18 comments)

mentoring: Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to play is! - 03/04/10 04:07 PM

By Todd Clark (Broker/Sales Coach) 503-524-9494

I’ve coached baseball and softball for at least 5 years now and one thing I’m not afraid to say is I like to win. But, it doesn’t and shouldn’t be at all cost, it needs to be fun, but I do want to make sure my players aren’t injured and they play as a team.

What sports are all about is teaching kids to learn to be part of a team and working together to reach a common goal of winning. Now if you play together, have fun and still lose, then … (8 comments)

mentoring: How I saved another agent the heartache of telling them they just were outbid on their dream home. - 10/20/09 05:57 AM

How did I save another agent the heartache of having to tell their clients they were outbid on their dream home? Well, to be honest, it was a simple question that this agent forgot to ask, but a very important one.

I was sitting down in this real estate office, about to start a class on Activerain and social media, when an agent just outside the room starting making a phone call, that from where I was standing, I could hear.

You see, she had a client that had found their dream home in a bank owned … (15 comments)

mentoring: Finding the right company for you. Do they supply a coach? Maybe you ought to question them before joining their team. - 09/24/09 06:24 AM

I was recently talking to an agent that was moving companies and he was very happy to be joining a major company. He was ready to get back into blogging because knew it was a way to increase his business.
So, we got to talking about his new company and the reason he partially went with this new company was they offer a coach to help him build his business. Now here is where I say, maybe its time to question the coach and check him out.

My friend was telling the coach about blogging and Activerain and the … (11 comments)

mentoring: What is up with your blog lately Todd? Well, let me explain what I’m up to - 05/19/09 07:12 AM
As many of my subscribers know, there has been a change in the style to my blog over the past couple months and that has a lot to do with my new market niche and me trying to get that new cliental to find me. But, there really is more to it than that, I’m actually farming in a whole new way.

You see, many people questioned me why I was going to so many parks. Well, I wanted to be known as the neighborhood expert and so I visited each of the parks in the neighborhood, and then posted about the neighborhood, … (23 comments)

mentoring: Lessons learned from a short sale listing agent - 04/26/09 05:47 AM

Today’s lesson from a short sale listing agent is: don’t take the listing until you have all the paperwork in hand.

One of the lessons you learn as a new agent is not to be too eager to take any and all listings and buyers. I understand you are hungry to put a commission check in your pocket, but this is exactly why you need to be picky about what listings and buyers you accept.
Today we are talking about short sale listings. One of the biggest mistakes I see from agents when they take a short sale listing … (54 comments)

mentoring: Well, that wasn’t the results I was expecting! - 04/05/09 12:31 PM
On Friday evening I wrote a post, “Why and how I think the $8,000 tax credit could be better spent”. This post came about because of a footer that I was putting on a post that I put up tonight called, “Beaverton First Time Home Buyers can realize a $8,000 tax credit if they buy before December 1, 2009”
Now,when I wrote that, I certainly didn’t expect to get it featured. It was just my opinion that I wanted to put as a footer… that turned into a post of all its own by the time I was down with it.
But, … (88 comments)

mentoring: I love a good compliment, but I didn’t mean to get you in trouble - 02/16/09 03:23 PM
I got a call today from a client that said she was called in to her boss's office because of me! What? How could I get you in trouble? I've never met your boss. I'm sure he is a nice guy, but you bought the house 5 months ago. 6 months ago I could have understood you getting called in with all the phone calls, e-mails, and faxes you received from me during that time... But, now, how could I possibly be getting you in trouble with your boss?
Well, it seems that she loves reading my posts so much that she … (23 comments)

mentoring: If we can’t trust each other, than how do we expect the public to trust us? - 02/15/09 03:08 PM
Have you ever had a buyer that you know is working with another agent call you? Well, today I got that call and, though I didn't know the agent personally, I did know that this buyer was theirs because this same buyer had called me a few days prior to ask me some questions about the house.
Fast forward to today when that same buyer called and said they would like to write an offer. I said, "Great, I'm glad you loved the property and I would love to see you living there. There is just one thing that I need you … (12 comments)

mentoring: Here is an idea Todd, keep your big mouth shut - 02/15/09 04:26 AM
Did your mother ever tell you to never take a bet that you may not win or can't afford to lose? Well mom, I'm sorry. I wasn't listening and I had to open my big mouth and because of that, I lost my advertising costs, plus $47 for the sellers advertising costs and I didn't get a commission and the house has some new buyers in it.
Yep, Todd stepped in it deep this time. I have a seller, that is still using me on his other properties, but this time I won't be making any stupid bets and I'll be the … (16 comments)

mentoring: Get behind the wheel - 02/14/09 05:28 PM

Do you remember the first time you got behind the wheel of a car? Do you remember the power and freedom you felt after you started to get comfortable behind the wheel?
That is exactly the way I feel about Activerain. The day I got behind the wheel of my blog, it was a little uncomfortable, but then I got my first lead and I was empowered. I was free!
Now, I was the one driving my business instead of my business driving me. Get behind the wheel of your own Activerain blog and realize the freedom that lies within.

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