helping: Are you willing to help those new to real estate? - 10/02/11 05:40 PM
Are you willing to help those new to real estate? Are you willing to mentor those who want to become the best they can be? Personally I love doing it, I love teaching others. Maybe it comes from growing up around teachers, but I truly do love it.
One of the things I love about it is that it keeps me up on my game and keeps me strong with the fundamentals of the business. Sometimes when I have been going awhile without a mentoring someone, I get lax, I forget about what has gotten me where I am today and … (17 comments)

helping: There is light beyond the trees - 04/13/11 03:54 PM

I’m seeing more and more agents struggle every day. There is light beyond the dark trees and you need to reach out to it, grab it and go if you want to succeed in this business or any other. Real estate is a tough business, but there are those willing to reach out like a beacon of light and help, accept the warm glow of those beacons of light, accept the help rather than question why and have a brighter happier tomorrow.

helping: Would you help this person? Seems 12 other agents wouldn’t! - 03/09/11 05:39 PM

About two weeks ago I got a call from a person who didn’t live in the area and she wanted to buy a house. Now, these houses weren’t in my normal area, only a few miles away, but not a place I normally advertise. I’ve sold a few homes in that neighborhood and she found one of my old blog posts about that neighborhood.

She asked if I could go take some pictures of some of these properties since the listings only had one or two shots and most of those pictures looked like they were taken from the … (115 comments)

helping: Is there a way to get more people who sign up on Activerain to write that first post? - 02/02/11 11:51 AM

In my 22 in 22 challenge to myself I have discovered a disturbing trend. Out of 120 people or more that sign up only about 10, if that, ever write their first post and of those who do write that first post, maybe only 2 or 3, are around a week later.
Is it too intimidating? Is it they learned about it at their brokerage weekly class and the teacher just told them to sign up and not how to use it? You could give me a sewing machine, but without showing me how to use it, … (19 comments)

helping: How do you find the cream of the crop when it comes to agents? Activerain of course! - 11/02/10 08:12 PM

How do I know this? Look around your office, think back to December 2008, how many of those agents do you still see in the office? Or better yet, how many of those agents are still even in the business? Would you say 75% of them are still at your office or are still in the business? If I could count the number of agents I met in December 2008, I certainly wouldn’t expect to see 75% of them still in the business.
The fact is, I did check and of the ones from 2008, only 43% of the agents … (37 comments)

helping: What’s important to you? Make sure when you look for your home that you are being listened to! - 06/07/10 02:30 AM

Are you on the lookout for a real estate agent in Beaverton, Oregon to help you find your dream home? What are you looking for? What are your needs? Make sure you have a list of wants and needs and remember these are two different things.
Wants are things that would be nice to have and needs are things your home must have! Recently I had a person call me that had a small list of needs in a home and a larger list of wants. But, when he would send me homes that he wanted to see, not one … (12 comments)

helping: Do you really share or do you just give enough to look good to others? - 03/25/10 10:01 AM
By Todd Clark (Broker/Sales Coach) 503-524-9494

Sharing is a good thing, it is taught to us starting at about age one when our mothers told us we need to share our toys and not yell, mine, mine, mine! But, when it comes to your business, how much do you really share? When you are in an office, and people see you are getting business, they want to know how you are doing it, but do you really share with them how you are doing it or do you just give them the general answer? “I write a blog”
If you … (28 comments)

helping: I’m working to get my short sales sold, are you? - 03/04/10 12:37 PM

By Todd Clark (Broker/Sales Coach) 503-524-9494

Many agents I’ve talked to lately only take short sales to get buyers leads and I think this is a very wrong way to approach short sales. When you go in with an attitude that it won’t close, guess what, it won’t. I’m so sure that my short sales are going to close that even my vendors on my short sales are willing to wait on payments on certain fixes.

I know my sellers can’t pay and I know my homes need to sell if I want to make money, so … (8 comments)

helping: I sneeze and instead of me helping my buyers home, they help me home - 12/07/09 04:06 AM

Normally like my blog title says, I'm supposed to be helping families home. But, apparently if you sneeze just once,  you may find that you have some great clients that will help you home. Saturday was not a good day for me. I was showing some homes to some great clients of mine, but when we walked in to a overly dusty room my nose started to twitch.

That is when it happened... I SNEEZED! Normally not a big deal, but Saturday it was. I threw my back sneezing and then fell to the ground in pain. I … (17 comments)

helping: Crap, I think we just offended the neighbors - 10/14/09 03:15 PM

I had a listing that had some neighbors that were nice neighbors, but their yard was somewhat of an eyesore. It really wasn't as much the yard as it was the house. It also needed some touch up and my seller was willing to help out.
You see, in today's world my seller and I figured the reason for not painting the house and doing the up keep on the yard was because of the lack of money. But, it turns out that they just didn't see a reason too.

This is where we went from being helpful … (157 comments)

helping: Today they are children, tomorrow they are leaders! - 01/25/09 04:34 PM
Everyday I see my kids grow, as well as their friends grow, and I think to myself, what will these kids become when they grow up? Will they become fire fighters, policeman, be in the military, teachers, it really doesn't matter as long as they believe in themselves!
But, what makes these kids believe in themselves? I have coached baseball and softball for the past 5 years now and have worked with kids through Junior Achievement and the Big Brothers / Big Sisters program, and most recently connected up with the Cinderella Program.
I've seen many kids come through these programs without a … (8 comments)

helping: The number one reason I see for failure in buying a first home is… - 01/22/09 03:37 AM
There are many reasons people call and tell me they want to start to look for their first home. Many reasons include that they are expecting, they are getting married, their rent is going up, prices are falling, or interest rates are low. There are many great reasons to buy a home and each person seems to have their own.
But, the one thing I find in common with the ones that end up not buying versus the ones that do buy is that the ones who buy do what it takes to purchase that home. They have a goal and that … (4 comments)

helping: Are you in business by yourself or for yourself? - 01/21/09 04:12 AM
Think about this for a moment, if you got in business for yourself, than you cannot really function as a successful agent in this business. Real Estate is about partnerships with buyers, sellers, other agents, inspectors, appraisers, mortgage brokers, title offers, and the many others that we encounter during a transaction.
So, if you want to succeed in this business for yourself, great. But remember you can't do it by yourself.
I would like to thank one of my past principle brokers for this advice, because it really did change how I looked at my business.

helping: Funny, I didn’t think you needed to blog - 01/19/09 04:43 AM
A year ago we had an office meeting and my principle broker wanted me to talk to the rest of the agents about blogging and what it could do for their business. During that meeting I was amazed at how many agents told me that they didn't need to blog, they were busy enough.
Well, 2008 has ended and there were months that I had more sales than some of these agents had all year and those sales were mostly from my blog. Now, 2009 has arrived and our offices have become one office and our 34 agents have become 9 agents.
Today, … (18 comments)

helping: Bad is never good until worse happens - 01/11/09 04:08 AM
This proverb speaks volumes doesn't it? But, I don't want good, I want great. So the only way to do that is to go out and find it. Bad, Good, Great, none of these will find you, you find them by your actions.
Here is a list of my actions for January 2009 that I plan on helping me from good to great!
Donate more time to charitable organizations
Spend more time with my kids
Go to church
Spend less time working and more time earning
Be more positive and give encouragement to those in need What are your actions today going … (6 comments)

helping: Maybe I should try the Maury way to expired listings - 09/18/08 01:37 AM
You know how he does paternity tests, he calls the potential daddy to the stage, opens an envelope, and then says, "Chuck, you are NOT the father"! Now, what if I took that same concept and went to the door of every expired listing.
I go to the door with a chair, sit down, ring the door bell, and when they open it, I pull out their old MLS printout and say, "Here I have the result of your home being sold and I'm sorry to say it did not."
Wait, wait... I got it! I could put someone with a bag over … (25 comments)

helping: Friends don’t let friends sell “For Sale by Owner” - 09/04/08 06:23 PM
This last weekend, I got a call from a friend (Past Client) that was concerned about one of their friends. Their friend wanted to list their home For Sale by Owner. My friend couldn't believe that they would want to do that and wanted to know what they should say to them to get them to list with me.
The conversations went like this:
Friend:  Todd, I need you to help me! I have a friend who wants to list their home for sale by owner, but this friend is someone who didn't even want us to post a picture of their child on … (56 comments)

As I write this I am amazed at the fact that I didn't think of this before. What makes me stand out from other agents? What can I do to make my self stand out more? What makes people think of you when they think of real estate? Is it a calendar on their fridge? I can't count how many listings I've taken with another agent on the fridge. Is it your newsletter? I've seen people hire me and then ask me about an article in another agent's flyer.
So what was it? What is it and what should it be that … (21 comments)

helping: I’m white trash…but secretly I’m green inside - 07/23/08 03:25 PM
I'm proud to be the white trash of the room. I sit there in the corner of this house and do my job. Call me what you will, but I know that my job is more important than what my outside portrays. I have two siblings on each side of me and they are white trash also, but I'm the one that is really green on the inside.
You see, every Wednesday I'm taken out with my sibling to the curb, but unlike my siblings who fill the landfill, I'm filled with recycling that can be reused. I am truly green inside. … (7 comments)

helping: Improve your neighborhood – Volunteer! - 07/17/08 03:31 AM
One of the factors that can affect home prices is the schools in an area and how they grade on the state and federal tests. A lot of families don't want to live in an area where the schools are known for not being the best in the area.
But, what if you were to volunteer once a week at one of these local schools? Join S.M.A.R.T. (Start Making a Reader Today) or come in the classroom and just ask the teachers how you can help. These little things can really help the teachers focus more on what needs to be done … (7 comments)

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