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Michigan in my opinion has some of the prettiest properties ever - I am forever in awe of our great state. Having lived in many other states, I can honestly say this from my own experiences.  As The Gordon Group GR enters commercial real estate with Mike Gordon, I often check out the commercial l...
This year more than years past - we have discovered by home inspections mold in the home. Many times it was not visible - however a home inspector could smell it or see signs of something that could cause mold and would call for further investigations. Mold has increasingly become a concern of th...
When selling your home you are not only competing with your neighbors home, you are competing with new construction. As we show homes to our home seekers new construction is very much part of the mix.  Many times the new construction feels like a better deal to the buyer due to all the upgrades o...
This topic seems to be coming up a lot!  Real Estate is local and I can only speak about the community in which I am a member of and sell in as everyone has their own dynamic that will affect their Real Estate market.  I am from Grand Rapids,  Michigan - I sell Real Estate in West michigan. I fee...
I have been a Realtor since 2002 - I have seen many different market situations come and go. Each year comes with its new challenges and opportunities. 2017, has been one of the most difficult years for inspections in my world. I was trying to think why this year over other years, what is the cau...
It's time to ask yourself this question  September 2017 - I personally believe the “shift” is among us.  Many do not know when a shift happens till we are in full swing,  In 2008 the market crashed - home prices hit rock bottom, however there were clues this was coming.  I remember showing my fir...
Very interesting topic as I am explaining this a lot Why a home may sell more or less than its SEV. A few definitions before we start  SEV - State Equalized Value - According to LARA (Department of licensing and Regulatory affairs)  this is One half (1/2) of your property's true cash value. We wi...
There are many articles about why listing a home FSBO (for sale by owner) is a bad idea - honestly I am more concerned with the buyer who goes in unrepresented  Many times both parties do not know the the full process. If you have not sold or bought a home in the last 2 years, so much has changed...
How you can break your Realtors heart by leaving us out - we have feelings too!I have to think this would apply to most professions that work on commission.  I honestly think most consumers just don't think of it, a very honest mistake.  Commission sales means we do not get paid unless we sell an...
Good info to know! Is your website up todate and ready for the new requirements?  For some time now, there has been chatter in the SEO world that SSL will soon become the standard for all websites. Now, this might not seem very important to you as a small business owner. But, eventually, it will ...

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