house: What's Your Agent Doing To Sell Your Home At The Moment? - 02/03/17 01:12 PM
We'd like to start today's blog by repeating its title:
What's Your Agent Doing To Sell Your Home At The Moment?
Maybe this is something you've never considered but, wait a second, doesn't it say a lot about how well your agent is communicating with you that you have absolutely no idea of what's going on?
While no one can be expected to give a moment by moment account of their activities, and you may have good reason/past experience that leads you to implicitly trust your agent, what if your home isn't selling while similar properties are being snapped up in the busy current … (0 comments)

house: Quarterly Albuquerque Real Estate Stats Re-Emphasize Bouyant Market - 01/31/17 06:20 PM
While we always provide you with a monthly analysis of Albuquerque real estate statistics, we also like to bring you the essence of the quarterly reports issued by The Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS®(GAAR), as these provide arguably even better evidence of more sustained trends in the market.
Although we aren't at all surprised by the positive results in the last three months of 2016, just published by GAAR, we're still encouraged by another strong indication that the market is showing such noticeable year on year growth, looking through a wider lens. It should also be observed that all this occured in … (1 comments)

house: Five Things Smart Home Sellers Will Be Doing This Year - 01/27/17 02:15 PM
Where is the time going? This is already our penultimate blog of January, meaning that we're already close to being one twelfth of the way through 2017. Incredible isn't it!
As we've been reflecting in recent weeks, it has been a hectic start to the year, building on the momentum at the end of last year.
More and more people will be making firm plans to list their homes over the next few weeks. If that sounds like you, here are some great tips to help give you a winning edge in the market.
Don't delay until the Spring if you can avoid doing … (1 comments)

house: Real Estate Is A Truly Year-Round Business These Days - 01/24/17 01:05 PM

Regular readers of this blog will know that we maintain a very keen eye on real estate market statistics for the Albuquerque area.
When we looked in detail at the figures for December earlier this month, we noted that closed sales were actually up on October and November. This stat becomes even more remarkable when you consider that October had higher pending sales levels than September and, even more incredibly, the peak month of July! And there was no slump in those months either!
So much, then, for those who would have it that the holidays aren't a good time to list … (0 comments)

house: Why Hiring a Top Buyer's Agent is Going to be So Vital This Year - 01/18/17 11:21 AM
We've talked before in our blogs about the importance of hiring a top buyer's agent to guide you through the home purchasing process.
In 2017, we think the buyer's agent is going to be an even more important asset.
The key reason we say this is that buying a home in this area could get even more competitive this year.
In our mid-week blog last week, we looked at the very positive latest Albuquerque area statistics and reflected on their only significant negative - inventory of available homes for sale, which sunk to a multi-year low last month.
While there were some signs of a … (0 comments)

house: Why Wait For Spring - The Market's Hot Now! - 01/13/17 06:45 PM
In our blog earlier this week, we looked at the very rosy latest set of statistics just published for the Albuquerque area by the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS® (GAAR).
If you missed the article, please click here, especially if you're considering selling your home, as it makes for very good reading.
We don't need to go over the figures in detail again today. Suffice it to say, then, that December saw excellent year on year market growth in terms of both the numbers of sales and mean/average sales prices. This came as the much publicized hike in mortgage rates became a factor, … (1 comments)

house: Latest Albuquerque Area Real Estate Statistics Show Great Promise for 2017 - 01/11/17 07:28 PM

We have been eagerly awaiting the latest Albuquerque area real estate market overview, just published by the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS® (GAAR).
The chief reason for our eagerness was to see if the rises in mortgage rates since the election had negatively affected the generally upward path of our local markets.
We're very pleased to report that the opposite has in fact happened and December was yet another remarkably successful month locally.
Median detached home price rose by 8.6% year on year to $190,000, while average detached home price increased by 7.5% ($222,115) for the same period.
Closed sales were actually up on both … (2 comments)

house: Is Your Home Ready for a 2017 Sale? - 01/04/17 10:46 AM
We hope you enjoyed a fabulous festive season and are now all set and excited for what lies ahead in 2017.
Are you planning to sell your home this year? If so, it's never too early to be making plans for when you do list, even if you don't envisage doing so for a little while yet.
One of the common mistakes sellers make is to not really consider what needs to be done to the home to make it ready for sale until they actually want to list.
If you have one of those rare properties that's faultless in every way, then this … (0 comments)

house: Year in Review 4: Mortgage Rates - 12/27/16 12:48 PM
Any review of the real estate year in 2016 would be incomplete without a look back at mortgage rates, as they were again arguably the biggest influence in the market.
The year started with widespread predictions of a gradual rate rise to between 4.5% and 4.65% by year end. Almost immediately, however, those forecasts were threatened by the early year collapse in stock markets.
2016 began in much the same manner as we'd seen for some time previously, with external factors having a negative effect on investor confidence. This time it was the Chinese stock market crash, almost as soon as the year … (1 comments)

house: Year in Review 3: Blog Highlights of 2016 - 12/23/16 02:58 PM

We hope that you've enjoyed our blogs throughout 2016.
We've certainly had a lot of fun bringing you the usual mix of real estate news, views and advice in the past 12 months.
As is now traditional at this time during the holidays, here is a list of a key blog from each month of the year, in case you missed any of them. What links them all is that they contain thoughts and tips that will be equally applicable in 2017.
January - Home Warranties A Very Smart Option for Home Buyers and Sellers
February - Why Video Blogging is Such a Powerful Home … (1 comments)

house: Year in Review 2: Low Inventory - 12/20/16 04:35 PM
Low inventory of available homes for sale has been a long standing issue in many parts of the country and the Albuquerque area is no exception to that rule.
In our review of 2015 we looked at low inventory and, 12 months on, the situation is even more acute.
Of course a lack of available homes isn't exclusively bad news, especially for sellers who can gain from reduced competition and more robust asking prices.
The main issue, however, is the lack of choice that low inventory creates for buyers and, while it's been a great year for real estate, we'll never know how much … (3 comments)

house: Year In Review 1: First Time Buyers - 12/16/16 04:56 PM
While not every real estate expert prediction comes true, one that certainly did come through in style during 2016 was the most significant return of the first time buyer for many, many years.
By August, we were able to report that, according to a Zillow survey, 53% of all buyer sales by that point in the year had been to first time buyers.
It will be really interesting when the final end of year figures are in, but what is already clear is just how fundamentally this most welcome trend has informed the real estate market throughout 2016.
Other than the simple mathematics of … (0 comments)

house: November Albuquerque Statistics Point to Vibrant Winter Homes Market - 12/13/16 05:27 PM

We've just taken a close look at the November statistics recently released by the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS® and they once again make excellent reading for sellers.
These figures confirm the expectations we expressed last month that the Albuquerque area homes market is vibrant as we transition from fall into winter.
Focusing as we always do on the local single-family detached homes market, we can see that the trend for homes to sell in less time and for more money continues.
One of the most promising nuggets of information on this occasion is that pending sales were up by 25.7% on November 2015. … (0 comments)

house: Will 2017 Be The Year You Finally Stop Renting and Buy a Home? - 12/09/16 03:51 PM

If ever a month seems to fly by, it is December. Incredibly, there are just 22 more days left in 2016...
It's therefore quite possible that you have been considering, or maybe have already decided on, your resolutions for the very soon to be with us New Year.
Are you're still renting? If so, we sincerely hope that you are planning to make 2017 the year when you finally make the big leap into home ownership.
From next Friday, we'll be carrying out our annual review blogs and one of those will most definitely look at the number of first time buyers this year.
It … (1 comments)

house: A Change of Agent for 2017? - 12/06/16 05:44 PM

We're already at that point in the year when we often begin to take stock of our situation and start to formulate our plans for the New Year that's fast approaching.
If your home has been on the market for some time and has yet to sell, it could well be that you'll be reviewing the performance of your appointed agent in the coming days. Indeed, we would thoroughly recommend you doing so if you hadn't already thought of it yet.
With such a lively homes market this fall, very motivated buyers and the continuing shortage of available homes for sale in … (2 comments)

house: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Home To Help It To Sell in 2017 - 12/02/16 04:05 PM
We can hardly believe it either, but there are just 23 days left until December 25th.
As often happens, you may be struggling to think of gift ideas, but have you thought that your house could maybe also do with some TLC at this time?
This is especially true if you're planning to sell in the New Year.
We've put our santa thinking caps on to come up with 10 gift ideas for your home that will really help when you show it.
New faucets - Tired looking, leaky faucets are often a source of concern when buyers visit a home. It's said that for … (1 comments)

house: A Timely Reminder of Just How Competitive Mortgage Rates Still Are - 11/29/16 07:11 PM

An Albuquerque Journal online article certainly grabbed our attention earlier today.
The report said that latest Standard & Poor’s CoreLogic Case-Shiller national home price index, released today, is slightly above the peak it reached prior to recession in July 2006, rising 5.5% between September 2016 and September 2015.
While this offers a national snapshot, and there are naturally regional variations, it's important to consider the implications of this excellent news at a time when rising mortgage rates have been the overwhelming real estate industry focus since the election (although they do appear to have stabilized in the past few days).
Above all, the index … (1 comments)

house: The Importance of Keeping Your Home on the Market for the Rest of 2016 - 11/25/16 11:40 AM

First of all, we hope you and your family had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day and if you've been shopping today that you found the bargains you were looking for.
Thanksgiving always heralds in the start of the Christmas season and, rather less joyously, another annual tradition we get to see in the real estate industry around now is a number of sellers taking their homes off the market until the New Year.
There is still a widely-held misconception that homes do not sell around the holidays.
In reality, however, this is actually a great time of year for our industry, not least because, let's … (0 comments)

house: Reasons to be thankful in the Albuquerque Area - 11/22/16 04:36 PM
The Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us and we couldn't help but be inspired by a recent feature on Albuquerque at
The article called "38 Tips on Moving to Albuquerque, NM: Relocation Guide." highlights the good, and not so positive, aspects of living in the city, which any guide worth its salt should do, of course. Overwhelmingly, however, ABQ comes over as the wonderful place we already know it to be.
All this has caused us to pause and be thankful at this time for so many great aspects of living in this area:
- What a way view the world! - the … (0 comments)

house: Continuing Positive Market Trends Set Up An Exciting Winter for Sellers - 11/19/16 12:57 AM
It's great to be able to report that the positive market trends we've been seeing all year in the Albuquerque area real estate market appear to be continuing deep into the fall.
The latest statistics, for October, recently released by Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS® (GAAR) are perhaps most notable for the lack of change they represent.
In other words, as predicted we're seeing another strong end of year market building up, just as we witnessed in 2015.
As ever, we'll concentrate our monthly review of the latest stats on the single-family detached market and there are many signs that sellers in this key … (1 comments)

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