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Just as in any industry, insurance has agents that only care about making the next sell.  With the amount of disposable income going down I am seeing more price sensitive people.  When it comes to insurance the cost is not what you pay on a monthly basis but the cost of that unpaid claim.  Here a...
It seems to be happening more and more these days,  home purchases making it all the way to closing and the deal busts. Do yourself and the client a favor and notify the insurance agent that the purchase did not happen.  It does not look good when the client gets a collection notice for insurance...
As I meet with clients, It is my job to bring to light the need for good liability coverage.  Whether this liability is extending from your auto or your home.  It is truely mind boggling the amount of people that think they have nothing to lose if they are found liable for someone else's injuries...
I have had a few phone calls about this card.  It seems very few people have even heard of this. Your insurance company has to sign an agreement with Canada.  The agreement in short says they will pay claims in Canada and that they will meet Canada's minimum liability laws.  I have attached a lin...
As of the first of this year 2008,  when traveling to Canada you must provide proof of US citizenship to cross the border. This can be a passport or government-issued photo ID, plus a birth certificate.  The big change is to get back across the border to come home you need the same documents.  I ...
In today's tight economy, I get asked daily why my insurance rates have gone up even though I have not filed a claim?  I want to dispel a couple of myths.1)  Insurance companies seem to be looked at as non profits.  Insurance is a business just like any other business.  We are here to make a prof...
I found this article and thought is would be good infromation to pass on.  The average person does not think of the ripple effect on what we pay for everyday. Just think of how much and insurance company has to raise rates to pay for one case of fraud.  This is something everyone should be on the...
After having some clients over for dinner and drinks I had to stop and ponder if insurance, mortgage, or real estate agents ever check their insurance policies to see if they are covered. Most people know if they have coverage for someone hurting themselves on their property, but very few could a...
I read a blog by Todd Clark today called "50% chance of working during a fire?" and I thought I should expand on it from an insurance aspect. Yes, it is true that there is a 50% failure rate on smoke detectors, but that is between 10 and 15 years. The failure rate for the first year is only 3.5%,...
The short answer is YES! Most renters think that if they are renting that the landlords policy will cover them and their possessions. But, this just isn't true. The policy your landlord has more than likely only covers the building and then a liability policy if someone should get hurt on the pro...

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