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We  recently posted a video about thermal imaging.  The new technology brings new questions and new concerns however. Here is the video.     The bottom line is that we are not qualified to pass judgement on what shows up on the thermal imaging camera. Buyers need to rely on home inspectors for th...
In the last ten years our office has purchase a lot of homes with some form back-up power. In one case a home near Maple and Wagner had a priority circuit system that was replace with a whole house system. At an inspection yesterday we saw a dangerous non-interlocked system. We've seen all kinds,...
In the last ten years or so our office has purchase a lot of homes with some form back-up power.In one case a home near Maple and Wagner had a priority circuit system that was replace with a whole house system.At an inspection yesterday we saw a dangerous non-interlocked system.We've seen all kin...
On another forum I participate on the topic was dangerous or outrageous work done by homeowners. One of the participants linked to this page and I thought it was worth sharing. They save the best for last: If this doesn't impress you, no...
A lot of people are promoting LED bulbs these days. I have been evaluating LED bulbs for a couple years now and I do think they have reached the point where they are worth considering for many applications in the home. However, as I've looked closer at some of my LED bulbs I have two concerns: 1....
This is going to be a milestone year for a technology that can add useful information during a home inspection. Thermal imaging is not new. My father worked with airplane mounted thermal imaging systems when he was in the aerospace industry back in the 1960's. (And they cost over $100,000.) I use...
Especially when it is -15 degrees F. outside? This is a discussion that almost always comes up with home buyers, either on a detailed viewing of a home or during a home inspection. Systems that bring in this air are typcially called make-up-air systems or outside combustion air systems. And they ...
As a local expert on solar homes I was pleased to see the Appraisal Institute announced their conclusion on the topic of solar's impact on property valuation:  Solar Electric Systems Positively Impact Home Values   To determine the actual number for the value impact is not an easy task. And, it h...
So often we talk with real estate agents who question the choice of inspectors or question the reasons for even having an inspection. As the company that represents buyers in our area I am not surprised. But sometimes I see an issue so obvious I think that anyone in the business should be able to...
  This question comes up often. I've never found a consumer who understood it and the vast majority of real estate agents and brokers I've spoken to don't really understand it either. After years of teaching it in home buyer classes I've found that diagrams make it much easier to understand. The ...

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