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One question I often get from customers is weather or not rotted decorative wood trim or structural members can be repaired instead of replacing them. With regard to structural, often, for instance, a rotted floor joist can be married to a new one if the joist is solid along part of its length. T...
 As a home inspector, I find unexpected issues, sometimes major structural concerns. If something major comes up, there is usually some back and forth, and in the end, the deal may still go through.But, what about older homes that have lesser concerns; things that could be known prior to the home...
As a Home Inspector in a low population area, I travel extensively. I also use Google to map addresses whenever possible and a the phone app for directions. As you might imagine, the GPS at times is hit and miss. I sometimes find myself 30 miles from the nearest town, the GPS has taken me on a wi...
Once the Home Inspection is completed and you have a chance to go over the findings with your client, here are a few tips to help you through the process:1. Know the standards of practice the report was written to (or at least know where to reference them). The largest association is InterNACI an...
As a home inspector, I come across a variety of issues regarding electrical wiring. One of the most common safety defects I see is double Lugged breakers. I thought I'd just take a minute to explain what this issue is, and why a home inspector will call it out as a safety concern. The 3 breakers ...
When buying a home, how do you know it's listed at a fair price? I've got a bit of experience (bought 6 homes over the years) as a home buyer and in my view it generally boils down to 3 things.The first is location. Is it on a desirable lot? does that lot have value added things such as old growt...
 How does Marquette stack up compared to other counties in the UP? As many of you know, Radon is a gas that can enter and accumulate in homes (actually the decaying by products do). As you also know, high levels of Radon are known to be the second leading cause of lung cancer.As a whole, upper Mi...
The ActiveRain community has been a part of my life for around ten years, so in that pioneer spirit, here's a tip to help prod a few of you into embracing some technology I live by that will help your brand.Being a marketing major in college taught me a few things. One was that in order for peopl...
 As a long time Inspector myself, I've seen many (Home Inspectors) come and go over the past 18 years. The purpose of this post is to have an honest discussion about the value and scope of a home inspection, what effect it has on the buyer, seller and realestate transaction as a whole, and, from ...

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