bobby hopewell: City of Kalamazoo Election Straw Pole- Who would you vote for mayor? - 10/26/15 12:16 PM
November 3, 2015, Kalamazoo City voters will have their first opportunity to vote for Mayor.  If you were to vote today, who would you vote for? Please participate in the straw pole at 
Remember to vote November 3, 2015

bobby hopewell: Voters choose to replace predators and bad actors in City of Kalamazoo - 10/24/15 05:42 AM
Residents have watched each and every commission meeting in The City of Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2015. We have seen how Hopewell, David Anderson and the 50th commission have systematically ignored the citizens with contempt while boasting intentional engagement with their chosen few. We remember how angry we have been this past 2 years. We have watched as the city has taken away our rights, sold our golf course, forgiven over 1,000,000 loan to friends, mismanaged our taxable parcels to near bankruptcy, the list goes on and on. Its time for change not more of the same. Vote for Kris O. Mbah for mayor and new … (1 comments)

bobby hopewell: Candidates needed to run for Kalamazoo City Commissioner-ASAP - 05/23/15 01:48 AM
Anyone who has considered running for Kalamazoo City Commission is encouraged to take this opportunity to run. Now is the time to begin the process to be a candidate for the November election. The process beings with obtaining only 75 signatures. I would be willing to help with this. We deserve better than what we have now. As an unhappy Kalamazoo Voter, I welcome you to run so we have more options than the current status quo. We desperately need diversity on the commission who will consider the needs of the entire community and not just the downtown, Winchell, Stuart and … (0 comments)

bobby hopewell: ImagineKalamazoo website misleading without OTHER-response option - 03/23/15 01:45 PM
ImageineKalamazoo website missing OTHER-category response      
What good is if your going to ask us a question and give us a list of approved choices? If this site is to be truly AUTHENTIC, it needs to always include an OTHER-option to answer all questions with a comment field to add citizens input. For example, if you ask us the top 3 things that need improved in our city, if you pick the answers we get to choose from, it is NOT authentic. I remember when the failed Mainstreet program was headed by DKI in 2002, it also used these misleading tactics by … (0 comments)

bobby hopewell: Kalamazoo City Commissioners offer only Lip Service on Street repairs - 03/23/15 01:53 AM
The Kalamazoo City Commissioners are only paying Lipp service on the road repair issues. We currently have $425,000 readily available for local street repairs from HUD that the city is choosing to allocate to increased Code enforcement instead, which is nothing more than a tax on property owners. The disbursement of the HUD funds being granted to Kalamazoo is open to public comment only until 4/2/15. If we remain silent, the city will be keeping a total of over $800,000 of the 2.1 Million grant with absolutely no right sizing or cost reduction of its inefficient departments. Code enforcement has 19 … (0 comments)

bobby hopewell: Downtown Design Review vote 2/16/15 7pm Kalamazoo City Commission - 02/14/15 02:07 PM
DDRD Vote Monday 2/16/15 7pm Please come voice your opposition and request Don Cooney to make a motion to place a 6 month moratorium on the matter. Also David Anderson, Jack Urban and Eric Cunningham or Bobby Hopewell would need to follow Cooney's lead.
A Stronger Kalamazoo 
Downtown Design Review District Expansion
January 16, 2015 By Matt Milcarek
UPDATE: This article has been updated to reflect new information obtained after the original posting.
They City of Kalamazoo is proposing the expansion of its Downtown Design Review District into a new area designated the “Southtown Review District”, bounded by Walnut St, Burdick St, … (0 comments)

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