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This is the best offer anyone will ever make you..Invest $500 In Yourself = $50,000 Additional IncomeInvest $1000 In Yourself = $100,000 Additional IncomeThat's 100 to 1 return on investment in yourself..You will generate Higher End Client leads while spending little or none of your hard earned m...
It's the only "sane" way to dramatically improve your business and your life..If your average home sales price is:$200,000 raise it to $400,000$400,000 raise it to $800,000$800,000 raise it to $1,600,000More Money .. Less ClientsHere's a whole bunch of ways to accomplish it..Click on the link or ...
Yet I am offering you 6 Months Unlimited Coaching For $497..That's unlimited access by phone, email, text or messenger..You haven't taken me up on it .. what have I done wrong?Do you not trust me to help you skyrocket your business?Have others soured you on coaching and mentoring?Here's 10 Reason...
For years I've played in the so-called median price home market. One day I just decided to enter the Luxury Home market. Honestly, I was bored and I wanted to make more money.Having now worked with every type of high-end client like Celebrities, Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians and CEO's and with ov...
Here are all of the unique and "out of the box strategies" I have used that cost little or no money and bring little or no competition because no one else is doing them or doing them so uniquely.. I have executed on these to sell over $100 Million of Residential Real Estate and the last few years...
Here are all of the unique and better "out of the box strategies" I teach that bring little or no competition because no one else is doing them or doing them so uniquely..   I have used these to sell over $100 Million of Residential Real Estate and the last few years Specializing In Luxury Home ...
I have discovered an awesome Facebook Messenger App - Many ChatYou should seriously check it out .. it's free..I thought I would start to put it to good use..Here is the link to my Hugh's Facebook Messenger Many ChatYou are welcome to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have ab...
I thought it would be a good idea for us to revisit Linkedin.. The great thing about Linkedin is maybe 1% of Realtors are using it for what it was intended for .. meeting people face to face .. so that means you will have little or no competition as compared to everything else you do.. I found a ...
Your broker, team leader, coaches and colleagues promise to help you but never really do..Are you tired of false promises yet?I am the opposite of most everyone you have encountered so far..You get my full attention..How about having someone there every time you need them for the rest of the year...
Always keep your existing business going to make sure you have steady income..Add these 4 sales to your existing business this year and ever year..Simple goal and simple math..1 Home Sale @ $500,000 = $15,0001 Home Sale @ $700,000 = $21,0001 Home Sale @ $1,000,000 = $30,0001 Home Sale @ $1,500,00...

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