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This strategy I call "Homes With Equity" strategy..You will have little or no competition with this for no one else will be doing it..It's a simple process to get them to sell or reinvest in another property..Click on the link or photo and go for it!  Homes With Equity Strategy70+ YouTube Real Es...
This is the most unique open house strategy you will ever see..It has consistently consistently produced 25+ visitors for myself and others..It will make you stand out from the crowd..You will totally impress all the neighbors for future potential listings..Click on the link or photo and watch th...
Why 20 minutes? Our attention span wanders after that..The 4 Keys To Doubling Your Income in any market (especially higher end sales) are..1 - Knowledge2 - Presentation3 - Branding4 - StrategiesGrab a quick 20 minute chat with me .. I will cover all of these..I want you to know how to Double Your...
Would you like to "up your game' when it comes to Higher End Clients?Would you like Unlimited Access 365 Days A Year?Would you like this for 1/10th the cost of what all the "so called gurus" will charge you?First of all watch some of these .. 70+ Free YouTube Luxury Home Sales VideosThey will giv...
We are all on Facebook allot more than we will admit to :-)I decided to open up my Facebook Page and Messenger for you to ask any questions or voice concerns you may have about either breaking into or consistently selling a few Luxury Homes..Luxury Home Sales TrainingYou are welcome to ask anythi...
Do you think your business could go "through the roof" with someone to run everything by every day?Someone you can call, text or email 365 days this year..Someone who has 20+ Years Experience and Over $100 Million Sold..Someone who can teach you everything from A to Z when it comes to sales, stra...
Did you watch the this video yet?I have gotten great feedback so I really recommend just watching it straight through! (5 minutes)  Watch it now because if you like what you see I will set up a free call with you that I promise will give you more value in an hour than anyone has in your entire re...
It's a new year and the last thing you need is more hype and more motivation..What you need is to stop procrastinating and start implementing!There's no faster way to grow your business than raising your average sales price by adding a few Higher End Sales to your existing business..So, I'm givin...
This is a simple one .. you are either selling the other party or they are selling you literally..You are in control of a listing presentation or they are.. 70+ Free Real Estate & Luxury Home Training VideosLuxury Home Sales TrainingContact me at To your success,Hugh 
If you want to have a breakout year in 2018 STOP the following..STOP doing the same things to acquire business .. try new strategies!STOP working the same price range .. RAISE IT!STOP doing the same things as all the other Realtors..STOP saying the same thing all the other Realtors are saying..ST...

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