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If you are what I say here should make great sense..You probably want to raise your skill set and your mindset and do it quickly..This is where a coach or mentor comes in..I feel strongly most brokers, team leaders, coaches and mentors don't give you the time you deserve..Here is my solution for ...
Be very careful when choosing a coach or mentor for your business..Choosing a coach or mentor can be life changing GOOD OR BAD..Stop listening to hype and B.S. from "so called gurus"Here's a quick video on what to "stay far away from" 5 Things To Stay Far Away FromFree Luxury Home Marketing Mater...
With all the holidays coming up sales normally slow down..It's probably the best time for you to prepare for a great 2018..I have said a crazy amount of times the fastest way to a great year is some High End Sales..Keep your esixting business going but add a few Luxury Home Sales to it..Here's 70...
Facebook Ads can be an awesome source of business..My two biggest concerns are that you are trying this yourself or you hire the wrong people to do it..1- Doing it yourself is difficult .. it takes allot of research and understanding not to waste a ton of money..2- Let me show you an example of w...
I couldn't answer this..I don't know..I don"t want to put words in anyone's mouth either?Does it have something to do with the client, homes, money, business etc?Another question..If someone could create something that would make your life easier what would it be?Or would the answer to that be si...
You need to stand out like a "Unicorn" in everything you do especially marketing yourself..It's more important than ever now with the overload of competition and Realtors out there..All the "same" things you do as everyone else gets the "same" results..Here is a brilliant webinar recording from L...

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