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Look at the following to see how you are doing..Online Presence- When someone Google's you (and they will) what impression do you make?Listing Presentation - Is your presentation powerful and most importantly UNIQUE?Strategy- Do you have consistent lead generation strategies in place?Lead Follow ...
I agree with these points 100% especially for working with Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers..From an article by Client AlchemistDonald Trump knows how to build an audience.Period.Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no arguing it.It’s why he is one of the top trending topics for over a year no...
$15,000 = 1 x $500,000 Home Sale$20,000 = 1 x $700,000 Home Sale$30,000 = 1 x $1,000,000 Home SaleDid you read that? ONLY 1 SALE!!I can GUARANTEE  you this kind of INCOME..TAKE MY ADVICE .. PUT IN THE WORK .. EXECUTE ON STRATEGIESHere is how to get there..Watch these videos to get the right minds...
If you want to be found by buyers and sellers in the near future video will be the answer..It will dominate Google, Facebook and everything else..Here is a link to the article 31 Incredible Video FactsHere is the infographic on what you need to know..Feel free to reach out to me and we can look a...
You need to think exponentially not incrementally!You need to create a new mindset and remove any obstacles in your way..How do you feel about making a few Luxury Home Sales every year? Nervous or Excited?There are 4 keys to success with Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers..Click on the link or photo ...
Most mentors and coaches will give you 30 minutes once a week..Unfortunately most Brokers, Managers, and Team Leaders have 100's of agents to take care of, so their time is very limited..I am offering you Unlimited Coaching .. Phone Calls, Emails, and Text..You will also receive on Day One the be...
We all like to be recognized as our office or company's Top Producer .. I know I do :-)Building a team to get there brings a lot of headaches..So much easier to be the Individual Top Producer..You have two choices:1- Double your transactions (too much work :-)2- Double your average sales price.. ...

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Luxury Home Sales Training
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