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Doesn't it make sense to be unique, powerful and intriguing to Luxury Home Sellers?For that matter how about everyone you present to?The old features/benefits presentation is old, used up and High End Sellers will see right through that..Here are six Luxury Home Sales Training Quick Tip Videos co...
Are you ready for a "hit you in the mouth" video to get your mindset straight..If you are sensitive to "cussing" or for that matter anything, this isn't for you..Shared by Gary Vaynerchuk one of the greatest marketers of this present time..Click on the link or photo and get pumped up..Click on an...
Don't you want potential clients to go somewhere and do something when you create a post or run an ad?What is talked about in this blog can be used in all your marketing efforts across all platforms..This was shared by Noah Kagan (founder of SumoMe) which has over 500,000 users..Enjoy the blog an...
You need to stop ignoring is a "GoldMine" for referrals and potential clients..Here are 5 reasons why..1 - It's loaded with professionals, business owners, and generally higher end clients (396 Million)..2 - When someone Googles you it shows up in the top 3 results (your profile need...
 Having been a Realtor for over 20 years now I know how hard you work.. I would like to help you earn commissions of $30,000, $50,000 or even higher? I was just a "normal" Realtor selling "normal" homes and got bored to death.. I decided to give Luxury Home Sales a try.. It wasn't at all as hard ...
Stop doing Listing Presentations that are like everyone else especially to High-End Clients..This is my good friend Oren Klaff Author of Pitch Anything who has closed over $600 Million..Why don't you use this for your next buyer or seller prexentation?You will lose the attention of Luxury Home Cl...
I put together a short video on what to expect if you have no experience and want to dabble in the Luxury Home Market...Don't worry about your competition in the Luxury Home Market. Believe it or not over 65% of Luxury Home Sales are made by agents doing only 1 per year, not the mega luxury agent...
Doesn't it make sense to do things nobody else is doing?Doesn't it make sense to do things that have very little competition?Here are 7 "Out Of The Box" strategies that include both of those..In some cases just a "non traditional" approach to "traditional" lead generation strategies.."Out Of The ...
Wouldn't you like to be ahead of your competition for potential buyers and sellers?I have always said a huge key to this is being unique and standing out from the crowd..Here is a very recent and great article from Gary Vaynerchuk widely know as the #1 guy in all of social media..Click on the lin...
These "Daily Rant" videos will be very straight talks (under 60 seconds) ..The goal is for you to save tons of time and energy while making a lot of money..They should give you very clear direction on what to do and what not to do..These come from 20+ Years Experience and "Mega Millions" Sold ( I...

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