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How about a brand new technology that could make lead generation easier?You can now capture leads from consumers that only "visit" your website..No need for them to fill out any forms..Here is a quick SlideShare presentation explaining how it works..Click on the link or photo and discover what yo...
In this video I talk to you about my journey...going from being very shy to $100 Million in Residential Real Estate Sales...I hope it helps you and guides you to going from uncomfortable with certain sales related actions to becoming confident and great at them...There is no doubt you can do the ...
Doesn't it make sense to be highly targeted with your direct mail marketing?In my opinion it also needs to be an "irresistible" offer or don't bother sending anything..Your "call to action" needs to stop them in their tracks and say " I need to speak to him/her now"..Here is a brand new lead gene...
Has it ever crossed your mind to sell a few Luxury Homes?These videos should cover every question or concern you may have..They are all less than 1:00 minute in length so you can learn quickly..Click on the link or photo and get inspired.. 30+ Luxury Home Sales Training Videos70+ Free Real Estate...
Realtors can be easily misled by so-called social media experts on how to use Linkedin to generate leads and clients for your real estate business..Let me straighten it all out for you here...Linkedin's sole purpose for a Realtor is to reach a decision maker. What does that mean? It means connect...
I promise you if you add even one Luxury Home Sale to your business this year your life will change..I have been trying to persuade Realtors like yourself that this is something that you should give a try...I have written many articles on this background being $100 Million in Sales.....
Realtors - You really need to pay attention to this, otherwise you could waste a lot of your time..To have any chance of getting anyone's attention, your content needs to get right to the point - otherwise it might be playing to an empty room. Consumers attention span is less than 8.25 seconds..C...
Live streaming is hot right now and will be even hotter in the next 24-30 months..While you might be mapping to your demo now, we are 24 to 30 months away from Snapchat and Live Streaming platforms becoming the mainstream for the 30–45-year-old demo..What a great tool for a Virtual Open House whe...
I guarantee Snapchat will be huge in Social Media over the next few years..Get on board early..I have over 20 Years Experience in Residential Sales and the past few years specializing in Luxury Homes..Connect with me and I will answer any Sales, Marketing, or Luxury Home Sales related question..Y...

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