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Wouldn't you say the most important part of your real estate video is your call to action?If someone wants to reach out to you, how do they do that?You can accomplish this in the description area of the video which I am focusing on here..Here is the best example I have ever's a good idea...
My experience has been you are delegated to once a week and a staff member..Much of the time the coach is not a Realtor..Allot of the time spent is also "hype" not straightforward talk..I am looking to change that for you..I believe your coach or mentor needs to be there EVERY TIME you have a nee...
Here is a new technology that can reach out to "secret" website prospects..It is a brand new technology I have never seen before..It is called "Digital To Direct Mail Retargeting"..It is highly targeted for consumers have shown interest in you already..Tell me what you think.. Digital To Direct M...
Here is a recent info-graphic from NAR showing how buyers find their agent..Buyers may start their search on the internet..They ultimately choose a predominate amount of the time by a referral..So pay serious attention top your sphere and past clients.. 70+ Free Real Estate And Luxury Home Sales ...
Over the last year or so I have created quite a few short training videos..They cover almost everything..If your looking for fancy videos with a bunch of hype these are not for you..If your looking for straight talk from a successful agent with over 20 years experience you are good..Some of these...
How about having a great call to action for your videos?Leaving your name and info on last side to me is somewhat useless..YouTube Cards are fairly new and in my opinion the best thing they ever offered..Here is a tutorial ..  Add YouTube Cards To Your VideosI am also including a recent video I c...
First of all, I have 20 years of experience in Residential Real Estate Sales ..So I know what works and what does not work..We are launching a new lead generation technology..They do not need to opt-in on your website..only visit it..and we capture their home address..Here is a brief photo explan...
1 - You can put in twice as many work hours..2 - You can take on twice as many clients..3 - You can double your average selling price..I suggest #3 .. it is the only way to keep your sanity..Here's a quick video with the best advice I can give you..Take it to heart and go out and double your inco...

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