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Let's first do some math...$100,000 Home Sale @ 3% x 34 Units = $100,000 Income$300,000 Home Sale @ 3% x 12 Units = $100,000 Income$500,000 Home Sale @ 3% x 7 Units = $100,000 Income$1,000,000 Home Sale @ 3% x 4 Units = $100,000 IncomeHow about a mixture? This is probably the best and easiest to ...
In between football games and shopping take a few minutes to watch this video.It is some very straightforward advice for making 2016 your best year ever..My special offer for Black Friday is at the end of the blog.. Video - The Best Advice For 2016Real Estate & Luxury Home Sales Training - Unlimi...
Before you completely over stuff yourself and fall into a deep sleep this Thanksgiving..Watch this video all the way through..approximately 7 will be worth it!It will be the best advice you will get for 2016 as you plan for a great year ahead.. Video - The Best Advice For 2016Free Acc...
In this video I want to talk to you about something that may be holding you back from changing your business up for the better..It may be stopping you from raising your average sales price way up..more money for you :-)Or even entering markets or working neighborhoods you really want to go after....
I believe one of the biggest reasons Realtors don't try to sell just 1,2,3,or 4 Luxury Homes every year is because they think this market is dominated by a Mega Luxury Agent..This is very far from the truth..This video will give you some real MLS stats and inspire you to go get your piece of the ...
Being unique or standing out from the crowd is so extremely important in today's society..Being the same as every other Realtor causes you to lose the attention of buyers and sellers..Did you know that the attention span of consumers is less than 7 seconds or less..So you better be really good an...
Here are some very recent success stories of Realtors with little or no experience selling Luxury Homes..They made a choice to give it a try..Tracy - (2) $700,000 Sales   Paul - $1,200,000 Listing (Pending)  Mariam - (3) $1,000,000+ and (1) $2,000,000+ Listing AppointmentsZaya -  (1) $5,000,000 M...
How about every time you have a real estate sales or marketing question..I am thereHow about being given new and unique strategies that will blow away your competition..How about getting straightforward answers from "in the trenches" experience..$100 Million Sold..How about knowing exactly what w...
YouTube gets billions of views, so getting this right is a big deal..70% of future search on Google will be videos..I see so many Realtors getting this wrong, so I will talk about what to do and what not to do..Stop doing videos that get 15-20 views.. this is a waste of your time, energy, and mon...
Whether it is just stepping up to selling more Higher End Homes than you are now, or adding a few Luxury Home Sales to your business, it's easier than you think..Here are a few ways I can help you get there... 3 Options - Selling Luxury Homes To your success,HughFree Luxury Home Sales Consult    ...

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