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It's about time someone gave you No B.S. No Fluff approach to helping you raise your average sales price by a huge amount .. and in turn doubling your income..How about learning step by step from A to Z how to add a few or more Higher End Homes or Luxury Home Sales to your business every
Doing the same thing as everyone else puts you in a position of having to compete with allot of other Realtors and makes you not stand out from the crowd...neither is good for your business..Having sold over $100 Million in Residential Real Estate I have at some point used and succeeded with all ...
2016 is right around the corner so prepare for it now...Watch this .. it is the best advice you will ever receive for 2015, 2016, or any year...Excuse the lighting , the content is what counts... Video - Best Advice Free Access to Over 60+ Luxury Home Sales & Real Estate Training Videos Luxury Ho...
I put together a quick 4 minute video on what to expect if you have no experience and want to dabble in the Luxury Home Market...Don't worry about your competition in the Luxury Home Market. Believe it or not over 65% of Luxury Home Sales are made by agents doing only 1 per year, not the mega lux...
As a Realtor who has sold over $100 Million in Residential Real Estate I have experienced and feel your pain...Here in my opinion is the only solution and it's a good one :-) Video - Tired Of Working So Many HoursFree Access to Over 60+ Luxury Home Sales & Real Estate Training VideosInterested In...
Here is a short video from my good friend Oren Klaff author of Pitch Anything...If you haven't read the book buy it will make you a much more powerful presenter especially to High Net Worth Clients...Pitch Anything by Oren KlaffThis short video explains how to keep "high status" in any p...
I am not suggesting you drop your existing business...keep that running and continue to sell homes in whatever market you are working in now...I am suggesting you incorporate and transition Luxury Home Sales into your business.Here are 5 surprising and good reasons to do so.. Video - 5 Surprising...
Don't try to build rapport with Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers the way you have been taught in the past... "Oh I see you play golf, so do I", No! No! No! ...It is old, worn out, and they will see right through it...In this video i will explain the 3 best ways to build rapport with Luxury Home Buy...
Do you want to deliver a much more powerful Listing Presentation than you are now?Do you want to know exactly how to present yourself to High Net Worth Clients?Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Be different from everyone else?I suggest you look at this carefully... Download The Infographic...
We won't stop until you make $1,000,000...I am making an offer to take one Realtor to $1,000,000 in income and I will stay completely behind the become the "rockstar" and you get all the credit...I have the experience to take you there with over $100 Million in Residential Real Estat...

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