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I put together this five minute video to give you the advice you need to hear if you want to take your real estate business to a whole new level... If you want to make more money and not work any harder, take action on this advice and you can be assured it will change your business, your finances...
In this video I will talk about some traditional and non-traditional places to find Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers... I will focus on giving you very straight answers on what works and what doesn't work and introduce you to some different approaches to these strategies... I have used each one of ...
Thought you would enjoy good friend Oren Klaff author of Pitch Anything sent this email (only partial of it I am forwarding) with a few thoughts about the sales process...   Oren has closed over $700 Million dealing with high net worth clients as a Venture Capitalist...these same princ...
In my opinion you need to keep changing and growing your real estate business or you will get burned out from the same routine. Here are some of the things you may be doing or not doing...that in my opinion needs to change...   Video - 7 Reasons Free Luxury Home Sales Consult Luxury Home Sales Tr...
YouTube gets billions of views, so getting this right is a big deal... I see so many Realtors getting this wrong, so I will talk about what to do and what not to do. Social Media of any kind including YouTube will just eat up your time and energy if you don't do it right. Do not be ...
Just watch 3 minutes of this video... 4:25 to 7:25   Video - Luxury Home Clients - Your Mindset   This is my good friend Oren Klaff author of Pitch Anything... This will give you a taste of the mindset you need when presenting yourself to Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers...   To your success,   Hug...
These "Pocket Listings" are extremely valuable to you when working in the Luxury Home Market.What makes these pocket listings so valuable is that it makes you very unique from all the other Realtors in that you have homes that Luxury Home Buyers can look at that no other buyers can. This is a hug...

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