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Facebook can be great for your real estate business but it can also be a complete waste of your time. Let me explain very quickly what good posts look like (one that has potential for future business) and what bad posts look like (will get your friends and potential customers to tune you out comp...
Having recently spent allot of time with extremely successful entrepreneurs outside of the real estate industry in the last couple of years I have learned some very serious business lessons that we all could benefit from. Most of these entrepreneurs have created "start-up" companies that have gen...
I have sold over $100MM in Residential Real Estate, yet in the beginning of my career I did not have the nerve to work with Luxury Home Buyers and Luxury Home Sellers.I believe in allot of cases this is because we have "myths" of what it would be like to work with them. In this blog I will do my ...
A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to meet and become personal friends with Oren Klaff a Venture Capitalist that was in the process of raising $1Billion for the expansion of the airport in San Diego. Yes that's $1Billion not a $100,000 listing appointment but the same rules apply. As a matt...
I recently wote an article on Active Rain explaining all the Social Media platforms quickly and concisely... Here is the article... I realized it may be a bit confusing or overwhelming to execute a successful strategy on any of these platforms.  I can bu...
After two years of experimenting and being mentored by some of the most successful Internet Marketing and Social Media professionals (people actually making money) I can help you make really informed choices. If anyone knows what works and what doesn't work for Realtors on Social's me!!...
In the last few years I got a bit bored with selling 'normal" homes. There was no real excitement in it for me anymore. I made a decision to sell Luxury Homes. It was not at all what I expected. It was not near as "intimidating " as I thought it would be and it was actually easy to become what i ...
Having sold over $100MM and dabbling in the Luxury Home Market in my real estate career and now being semi-retired, sharing my living and time between the USA and Thailand...I was hoping to test an idea with my fellow Realtors... i have been through every real estate training on the planet...the ...

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