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And I don't mean what bank do you have it in!I mean what people, target audience, consumer, buyer or seller type of your choice has it!Who's ready to give you money in return for the value you bring?Is it buyers and sellers that:Live in a geographic area..Have a certain income level..Want a speci...
Paradise Valley Homes For Sale is now being featured on our luxury home website www.AzLuxury.netParadise Valley is the most exclusive neighborhood in all of the Phoenix metropolitan area. It is home to many celebrities, atheletes, and CEO'S. Location and beauty may be the key to it's popularity. ...
A quick video from one of my favorite people Grant Cardone..Grant never holds back any punches on his sales trainings or videos..By the way I think he owns about $800 Million worth of real estate..He is talking about "jets" but the message is super clear..Don't waste a minute of your time thinkin...
I listen to allot of Tim Ferris podcasts.. This one he was speaking to a woman that sold her company for $1 Billion   She had a sales message I have so much aligned with now..  It is at 38:36 ..  She gave her salespeople the power to what I call "cras...
I have sold over $100MM in Residential Real Estate, yet in the beginning of my career I did not have the nerve to work with Luxury Home Buyers and Luxury Home Sellers.I believe in allot of cases this is because we have "myths" of what it would be like to work with them. In this blog I will do my ...
A real estate video without an easy call to action (abbreviated is CTA) for the viewer to reach out to you is useless..No one is going to stop the video at the end (the last slide with your info) and take notes..So you need to make it real easy for them to reach out to you or take an action..This...
It is not what you might think it is..Luxury Home buyers are very typical buyers in that they look for a lot of the same characteristics in a real estate agent that everyone else does. I believe they value some characteristics more than others and put much more of an emphasis or those.After years...
This is the best offer anyone will ever make you..Invest $500 In Yourself = $50,000 Additional IncomeInvest $1000 In Yourself = $100,000 Additional IncomeThat's 100 to 1 return on investment in yourself..You will generate Higher End Client leads while spending little or none of your hard earned m...
It's the only "sane" way to dramatically improve your business and your life..If your average home sales price is:$200,000 raise it to $400,000$400,000 raise it to $800,000$800,000 raise it to $1,600,000More Money .. Less ClientsHere's a whole bunch of ways to accomplish it..Click on the link or ...
Yet I am offering you 6 Months Unlimited Coaching For $497..That's unlimited access by phone, email, text or messenger..You haven't taken me up on it .. what have I done wrong?Do you not trust me to help you skyrocket your business?Have others soured you on coaching and mentoring?Here's 10 Reason...

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