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Do you want a really great piece of pie?  One of the day trips we can make from home in New Mexico is to Pie Town New Mexico.  We first learned of Pie Town in the Smithsonian Magazine.  This put it on our list of places to visit.  Eventually it was incorporated into a circle tour of our own makin...
Last week our hiking group, most hail from the Eldorado area of New Mexico, took a drive to La Plancha, a restaurant in a local strip mall.  Why hike before a great meal?  It would ruin the absorbtion of calories. La Plancha, relatively new, is a Salvadoran restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch...
In New Mexico having a pet is challenging, in part.  There may be more pets per capita than other areas.  Many of my friends have more than three. Our household has two cats, shelter types.  Ms.  Kat (named after the first Native American canonized as a Saint, Kateri) is a tortoishell.  Gray (nam...
Do you have storage issues? The first fifty years of my life I lived in places like Pennsylvania and Michigan where many homes had a basement.  Not so in New Mexico.  I did not understand this before moving here and, diligent as a good mover should be, not enough was given to charity and friends ...
Last night, the second in a multiple night storm and fridgid weather found my New Mexico house, suffering the February storm of 2011.  New Mexico along with some 30 other states was hit with the mother of all storms.  Our Santa Fe low last night was -18 a new February record and just shy of the a...
After moving to New Mexico, the high desert near Santa Fe, my first guests were coming from Michigan and it was February.  They told me what they were packing–shorts, swimsuit, sweaters, etc. People assume because there is a lot of desert here and we are south, it is always warm. Tomorrow is the ...
One of the things I like most about living in New Mexico is that I don't feel big vacations are as important as they once were. In any given weekend, or even day trip right from my house, one might visit these National and State Parks, Monuments, and other recreation areas: Aztec Ruins Monument :...
When living in areas where there are wild animals, can you be casual? Where I live in New Mexico, since arriving 9 years ago these are a few of the events: Mountain lion runs into the downtown glass door of the Santa Fe shop Mountain lion hangs out in the residential area, comfortable to be close...
On the news tonight (1/28/11) they reported that Las Cruses New Mexico has just hired 60 goats to trim the vegetation around (whatever) in a very inaccessible place.  Las Cruses is to pay, per day for this trimming $250.  They did not mention how many days. But, this is not news to me.  From our ...
My friend Suzanne knows a lot.  She is the one who taught me about vinegar.  Now that I understand its power, there is some concern about what it does for/to one's stomach. In a hard water state such as New Mexico, this is good news for every house to have: Vinegar can clean your shower head – ju...

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