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Perhaps once you have moved someplace new.  It might have been merely a new neighborhood, a town, a city, a country.  Perspective on first arrival is different than for those who have been there years or decades. Bill and Joan recently moved to Las Cruses from NYC, making a new hometown.  Now the...
You probably have one sure sign of spring, one that you can count on every year.  This is the one that is not dictated by what the calendar or moon says. Out my northern New Mexico window right now there is a bird feeder.  It is a sure sign that we are getting much closer to spring.  It is the fe...
You must have a favorite pet. Perhaps it is your dog, cat, goat. In some recent survey I took, one person named their lizard.  They did not specify what type, just as initially one might not say "my pet collie dog."  I guess that some kids have lizards for pets as well. This got me thinking of a ...
  Do you love the warmth and vision of a fire…the ones in fireplaces?   I really don’t understand the physics of it but it does work.  In New Mexico and perhaps other places, a kiva fireplace is the norm.  We have two in our house.  They are typically in a corner of the room.  They have a rounded...
These snow geese are taking off in the morning at Bosque Del Apache, a National Wildlife Refuge, south of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This protected wetlands is active all winter with birds that have migrated to NM, waiting out the weather north.  The preserve is home to thousands of birds, represe...
I just spoke with David Ray of, Omni Village Realty, Albuquerque.  He is representing homes for sale in Albuquerque, ones that through government grants have been purchased and rehabed.  They are eligible for resale to only people with lower incomes. The purchaser can receive up to a $50K reducti...
Are you tired of adobe-colored homes in New Mexico? We certainly have plenty of them.  Recently I went to the deck above our kitchen.  From there one can see miles of high desert terrain, seven mountain ranges,  with homes dotted here and there. It is a guess, but likely, that 98% of them are the...
One of the most difficult things for me about living in New Mexico, is how to tend to  the garden.  The ineptitude is all about my having never had a green thumb, living most of my life in the lush world of Pennsylvania and Michigan, then moving to the desert. It is now mid February and I have no...
  Are you itching to move?  Some never want to.  Some have to.    This is the first in a series of articles about places to live in New Mexico.         Lamy is the first because it is my hometown.  John and I don’t live right in town but Lamy is our address.  The town is three miles south over th...
Who lives at your house? This beautiful kit fox is one of several fox we have seen around our house in Lamy, NM.  The first sighting sent us to our computers to determine what type of fox and its habits.  The short story of the kit fox is that they either make or take over dens underground.  Ther...

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