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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
Wow – another week, another wonder! Yes, it’s Blooper Day, and the MLS and local real estate ads have been rife with errors this past week. Thanks to Jill Sackler of Plainview, NY, for her great East Coast finds. The gaffes are widespread, friends, so be sure to send me your best finds. In the m...
  It’s a new week, and here we go again, my friends. Hop aboard the MLS blooper train for the ride of your life. This week had more than the usual rash of MLS and real estate advertising gaffes. Please enjoy: For Free! “Free tors” (Apparently Sweden is reducing its surplus of tall, blond, good-lo...
Welcome to this week’s edition of the blooper reel, friends. Not every blooper is a misspelling – some are just nonsensical. Let these gaffes be a reminder that we should not only use spellcheck, but also re-read our work. Otherwise, there could some funny results, as with these funny whoppers: ...
Well, my friends, you are certainly in for some laughs this week. Thanks to Jan Pastras and Carlo Cappomazza of Los Angeles, as well as my Twitter friends at HelpUSell Real Estate for their side-splitting contributions from the MLS and local real estate ads. We never seem to run out, so please e...
  Welcome to the marketing bloopers roundup, folks. As summer draws to an end, it is apparent that spelling has also gone on hiatus. Thanks to Jane Peters of Los Angeles and Patty DaSilva of Davie, Florida for your contributions – you cracked me up! The MLS Mess “Georgeously house” (Ask George if...
It’s Blooper Day again folks, and I found everything from boozes to bruises in the MLS and other real estate advertisements. Some of these gaffes were hard to decipher, but they were all darn funny. Enjoy:  Yes Siree, Bob "Bar has shit decor" (In this bar, drinkers literally pull up a stool!) “P...
Premiere Party - The London Hotel Rooftop - West Hollywood (My daughter, Kristin, and I are in the center.) Dear Friends, In case you missed last night's premiere of Keep the Party Moving on STYLE network, the lovely host is the fruit of my loins. Thus, I hope you will allow a proud mom to brag ...
Here we go again – it’s Blooper mania! Some of these MLS and real estate advertising mistakes would make me laugh even if I were embalmed. Thanks to my third eye, Jane Peters of Los Angeles, for her delightful finds: Sizzle “Electric gale” (Gale should not chew light cords until her braces are o...
Advertising gaffes to give you laughs Wow – the MLS and real estate advertising gaffes this week were over the top, my friends! Welcome back to the Blooper Blog. Thanks to Patty Da Silva of Davie Florida and Michael Jacobs of Pasadena for their contributions, which left me a bit speechless, I mu...
It’s Blooper Day again, my friends. I think the summer heat has fried a few brain cells… or perhaps I am just new to “creative marketing.” You be the judge. Thanks to Bryan Robertson of Palo Alto, CA and Jane Peters of Los Angeles for their side-splitting contributions. Names have been withheld ...

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