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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
    Hi, friends – it’s blooper day, so hop aboard for another ride on the Blooper Loco-motive. These hysterical MLS gaffes are telltale signs that some folks are really off-track. Jane Peters shared a number of bloopers with us this week, so here we go – hang on to your hats!    Mysterious “Submi...
Oh, Ricky! There is some old saying about the best laid plans going asunder, and I am about to tell you where asunder is: it's a place in New Jersey. Picture a lovely suburb of tract homes in Jersey, circa 1969. One year my mother Marie decided we should sell the family home and get something bi...
Hi, folks – it's Blooper day again. Be forewarned that my trusty spies and I are looking for MLS and real estate marketing errors in your market. Use that spell-check application and be sure to proof-read, because Big Boober is lurking. Uh, Blooper. Enjoy this week’s funny gaffes: Wrong Move “Pe...
I’m ba-a-a-ack! You can’t escape the eyes of the Big Blooper, my friends. Check out these hilarious errors I found in the MLS and in the local real estate ads this past week. Thanks to Jill Sackler of Plainview, N.Y. for submitting several hilarious gaffes she found. Names withheld to protect th...
  Hi Friends  - Please forgive my shameless self-promotion, but I'm just a gal trying to make a living. Thus, I wanted to share with you my two new listings that were just named as "Hot Properties" in the L.A.Times. The sellers are wonderful, so they both deserve a bit of publicity. Don't worry -...
Hey, Friends – it’s time for this week’s Blooper Reel. My trusted scouts and I found some crazy real estate advertising and MLS errors this week. Thanks to Jane Peters and Jill Sackler for their help in keeping me afloat in hysterical bloopers. Check these out: No Pain “Separate wings for parent...
Welcome back to the Blooper Reel, friends. This week’s MLS and real estate advertising gaffes involve dogs, goats, popes, and a guy named George. What is careless is often comical and, uh, “colorful.” Please enjoy:  Got Your Goat “Let’s meet our goats together” (Sign on the meeting tent at Lost ...
Hi, friends – welcome to this week’s edition of “How to shoot yourself in the foot in a public forum.” These advertising and MLS bloopers will keep you laughing, but I am not sure how well they help sell the properties being marketed. After you finish laughing, you can decide: Gone To Waste “MUS...
Hi Friends,   Please take a few seconds to click on the link to see my new video. All feed back is most welcome. (Oh, and it's very short :-) Thank you!   MAGNIFICENT LAKE FRONT RESIDENCE   Presented by Gwen Banta and Sotheby's International Realty Thi...
Do you ever wonder how some people continue to get work in spite of their blunders? I know I do. I can overlook the occasional blooper, but some of these are ridiculous. They are also quite hilarious… although I doubt the sellers would think so. Welcome to the Friday Blooper Blog, which highligh...

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