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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
      The Blooper Blog is back, friends, and this week the side-splitting MLS gaffes did not disappoint. (I swear it would make a great comic strip!) Thanks to Jane Peters and Wanda Kubat-Nerdin for their great blooper finds. Hold on for the chuckles: Huh? "Located between Malibu and Santa Barbar...
  It's time for Blooper fun, my friends. The MLS and advertising goofs this past week continue to provide a source of head-scratching - as well as some laugh-out-loud humor. Thanks to Myrl Jeffcoat of Sacramento and Jane Peters of Los Angeles for their great finds. Check out these memorable gaff...
I'm b-a-a-ack. Yes,  it's Blooper Day again, and goofs were everywhere this past week. Reading the MLS was like reading a comic book, and the local real estate ads were even more, uh, "creative." I also received some very funny submissions from my sharp-eyed colleagues. Thanks to Jan Pastras,  Ja...
The Blooper Scooper is back, folks, and what a hilarious week it was! The MLS and local real estate ads were rife with goofs. Thanks to Jane Peters and Patrick Martin from Los Angeles for their side-splitting contributions. Read 'em and weep:  All-tered State "New copboards thruout" (Let me gues...
It’s time for the Blooper Reel, folks, and this week’s bloopers did not disappoint. Every week I receive contributions from all over the U.S. and Canada. These include hilarious gaffes from MLS sites as well as from real estate ads. Thanks to Patty Da Silva from Davie, Florida and Patrick Martin...
  It’s Blooper Day,  my friends – and some of this week’s real estate advertising and MLS gaffes are as baffling as Richard Sherman’s post-game rant.  Let these be a lesson as to why one shouldn’t type during a play-off kegger. Thanks to Jane Peters and Patrick Martin, both from L.A., for their ...
Welcome to this week’s edition of “Dazed and Confused." I am not sure how any of this hilarious ad copy will help sell the properties being marketed. Nevertheless, these bloopers do provide some giggles, so please enjoy:   Well, of course! “New bullit house” (Just another day in Bonnie and Clyde...
Happy Friday - the Blooper Reel is back! No matter how many times I decide to take a vacation from posting, the gaffes on the MLS and in the local real estate ads are just too hysterical to ignore.  Thanks as always for your wonderful contributions – I received some great ones this week from L.A...
Hi friends, and Happy New Year. A new year of bloopers is already in full-swing.  Check out these gaffes that indicate that some people didn’t learn how to proof-read in 2013. However, the culprits are certainly providing some laughs for 2014. Please enjoy! Ready for take-off! “New ear speacial!...
It’s Blooper Day, friends, and ’tis the season for hilarity. I think a few hapless folks thought that “Fall Back” was referring to performance levels, because some of these gaffes are doozies. Thanks to Mike Cooper and Bruce Walter for their contributions. Check ‘em out:   Under the Dome “Dome u...

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