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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
                          The Blooper Blog is back, my friends. Here are some old favorites mixed in with this week's rash of hilarious MLS and real estate advertising gaffes. Please enjoy: Killer deals “Appliances being de livered” (If you want something de-livered, call Hannibal Lecter.) “Best...
  These past few weeks of MLS bloopers was a whole bag ‘o crazy. Seriously, there should be a movie. I doubt if even Tina Fey could write anything funnier. Imagine it in 3D – with “fully stocked bras” and “large panty off kitchen.” Special thanks to Patrick Martin for his contributions: Off Kilt...
Hey Guys and Gals - The blooper blog has been on R & R while I attended a Global Networking Conference in Miami. However, I am back, and I can promise you there was no shortage of MLS and real estate advertising bloopers while I was enjoying beautiful Miami. Thanks to Jane Peters for her ever-wa...
  It's Blooper Blog Friday, so hang onto your hats, my friends. The MLS and the local real estate ads were ripe for the pluckin. Carla Muss-Jacobs of Portland  and Patrick Martin and Jane Peters of L.A. made some witty and wild contributions. You may choke on a few of these unwitting witticisms:...
  Hi Friends,   I have been encouraging more LA agents to get involved with AR, and as a result, my esteemed colleague, Craig Nadeau, has come aboard. He just posted for the first time - an interesting article about Faye Dunaway's home, which is for sale here in West Hollywood.  Please stop by hi...
  Hi Friends - Recently I have had a number of requests for my "Wino Post." (Thank you, dear readers!) So here it is, back by popular demand. The MLS and the L.A. Times Real Estate pages should be on Oprah's Reading List. Seriously. There are so many typos and outrageous remarks in the MLS that i...
It's ​the end of another week and the Blooper Blog is back, my friends. There were some amazing gaffes on the MLS and in real estate advertising this week. It seems the need for truncated speech in social media outlets is relegating proper grammar to the past. Kudos to Weird Al Yankovic for the ...
  Hey friends, it's Blooper Day! I just returned from a brief vacation loaded with hilarious MLS gaffes. Of course, it's Friday - when I usually get loaded anyway - but that's not for publication. Thanks to Jane Peters of Los Angeles for remaining my ever-faithful blooper scout. Check out these ...
  It's Blooper Friday, friends. Please join me for some hearty laughs as we review this week's MLS and real estate advertising gaffes. Thanks as always to Jane Peters, Jan Pastras and Patrick Martin for sharing their great discoveries. Just for Giggles "House under current" (Reason number one not...
  It's blooper time, my friends. I'm back this week with another installment of hilarious MLS and real estate advertising gaffes.  Thanks to Jan Pastras and Jane Peters of Los Angeles for some great contributions. Read 'em and weep: (Incidentally - the first 4 bloopers are all from the same list...

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