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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
 Oh, yes, it’s blooper day, and I found some eye-popping gaffes on the MLS this week! I think I finally figured out why we consistently see such errors – agents are letting their pets write their listing remarks. On the other hand, I suspect that my dog can spell better than some of these culprit...
Hi Folks, I decided to combine a new Blooper Blog post with one I posted in October several years ago, because some of these gaffes are all-time classics. Here’s some "autumn color" for you, so please enjoy:Amenities You Can Live Without“Nothing speared” (That’s a good selling point…if you’re a t...
Welcome back - it's Blooper Time. I am all for having a martini or two, folks. Maybe even three if it’s at least 10:00 AM. (I have my standards, you know.) However, I do draw the line at drinking and typing. Read these real estate bloopers and tell me if you agree that there should be a breathaly...
An UnReal Estate Film Treatment(Re-posted at the request of AR member Bruce Walter - thanks, Bruce)C'mon - tell the truth - you've seen many agents who present such a bad image you know even their own parole officers wouldn't hire them.  Today at an open house I saw an agent (with his client) who...
Welcome to this week’s marketing typo blooper reel, friends. Apparently Siri and auto-spell have become my writing partners, as a lot of these MLS and advertising gaffes would suggest. I prefer to believe that haste makes waste, and not that stupidity is on the rise… but you be the judge:Some Fol...
THANKING YOU THIS LABOR DAY We DID do it - we built a great nation, my friends. Thank you all , young and old, for your incomparable contributions.  So enjoy Labor Day, and be thankful for all we have here in our beloved USA!  GWEN BANTA - SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY, SUNSET BLVD/BEVERLY HILLS...
Oh, Ricky!There is some old saying about the best laid plans going asunder, and I am about to tell you where asunder is: it's a place in New Jersey. Picture a lovely suburb of tract homes in Jersey, circa 1969. One year my mother Marie decided we should sell the family home and get something bigg...
  WOOHOO - It's official - I just signed my first book deal for my novel, The Fly Strip. It will be published by Waldorf Publishing and will be out in hardcover in 2016. Please excuse my shameless promotion,, my friends, but it took me a long time to get here!SynopsisThe Fly Strip - A Novel By Gw...
  Something may have been rotten in the State of Denmark, but the MLS isn’t smelling much better.  Check out this review of some of my favorite stinkers and clinkers from the MLS and real estate ads if you’re in the mood for a few giggles:Something Seems Amiss…"New farmers stink" (Old farmers don...
Friends, I'm out of town this week, but I thought you would enjoy this Blooper Blog re-run:From blundering fools to complete tools, the bloopers on the MLS were hysterical this week, folks. I received some great contributions from John M. Scott of beautiful San Francisco, Jane Peters from right h...

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