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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
Ah, yes – it’s Blooper Day again, my friends. One of my followers asked me to re-post this blog, so I am here to accommodate. I have so much fun collecting MLS gaffes from all over the U.S., it should be illegal. Check out these real estate listing and advertising bloopers if you want to laugh un...
  Well my friends, we are starting off the year with a blooper payday from the MLS and other real estate advertising sources. Apparently correct spelling, grammar and proofreading became even more obsolete in 2016. That being said, at least we might as well share the laughter. Please enjoy:   Wh...
Hi Friends - I'm ba-a-a-ck! I thought we should end the year with some laughter so here's another collection of MLS and real estate advertising bloopers. Please enjoy, and Happy Holidays! Cracks me up! "Removed drawers" - (So I guess we should expect a full moon tonight?)  "Incredible curd appeal...
PHOTO OF THE YEAR!  I just had to share this photo with my AR family. This is the main photo from an actual listing that was posted last week. I wonder what buyer pool this agent hopes to tap into!  
 Hey, Friends – it’s time for this week’s MLS Blooper Reel. Here are some of my favorite oldies, as well as a few new bloopers that will make you wonder how some people are able to find their way home at night...No Pain“Will show in gropes” (You'll have to buy me dinner first)“Guess area” (That's...
 Forgive the lack of humility, but this Featured Agent article was such an honor that I really wanted to share it with my Active Rain family. Have a lovely weekend!  
It’s Blooper Day, friends, so if you want a few hearty laughs, check out these MLS and advertising comments that self-detonated. Amongst these are some of my old favorites, as well as the newest in Blooper Madness. As proper spelling becomes more and more a thing of the past, the gaffes just keep...
Hi Friends, some of you asked for another MLS blooper post, so I aim to please. Here is a mixture of some new head-scratching bloopers, as well as some of my old favorites that I thought were so funny they deserved another round.  Plug In The George Foreman“Radiation heat” (Buy, fry, and die.)"Re...
  "THE CATCHER IN THE RYE meets THE HELP" in Gwen Banta's debut novel THE FLY STRIP "Banta's early reviews promise a blockbuster" "Gwen Banta is J.D. Salinger reincarnated. Her language is so rich, so palatable and enveloping that readers feel bathed in it and rejuvenated by it. What a read! Wha...

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