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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
Welcome to the Friday Blooper Blog, my friends. The heat has been taking its toll, as evidenced by the number of sunstrokes at the keyboard this week. I hope you enjoy the selection. Thanks to Jane Peters of Los Angeles for a lollapalooza! Putz and Pets…and Harry “Safe and squirrel” (Uh…let me g...
Still recovering from the 4th? These bloopers indicate that some agents may still be trying to sober up. Check out these hilarious gaffes: Too Much Time On Your Hands “Moisture intruder” (Announcing the new superhero – Hose Man!) “Bath byday” (Drink much by night?) “One hat property!” ( One head...
Sink, sank, sunk and stunk. The MLS and real estate ads this week continue to go down faster than Greece’s economy. Thanks to Bruce Walter of Lafayette, IN for some great material this week. Check out these hysterical bloopers (particularly the Freudian slips, as we saved the best for last): Som...
There were a lot of laughable errors on this week’s MLS and in local real estate ads, friends. These were the best of the worst: Food for Though. “Walk to church’s” (For those who think salivation is their salvation.) “This will swell fast” (That’s what I say about my a_ _ every time I eat chips....
Just when you think you’ve seen ‘em all, a new batch of MLS and real estate advertising bloopers pops up. This group had me in tears: A Few Good Laughs “Walk to clinic” (A sales pitch for those who itch!) “Good valu for the moaning” (Sign on a hooker at Hollywood and Vine.) “Breeze and sunshit” ...
Something is afoul on the MLS and in real estate advertising, folks. You’ll love the hilarious bloopers my colleagues and I discovered this past week. Thanks to Terri Gerger and Jane Peters of Los Angeles and Bruce Walter of West Lafayette, IN for their fabulous finds. Here are this week’s picks...
 If selling houses is like selling dreams, then welcome to my nightmare. Check out these hilarious bloopers that may convince buyers NOT to buy a home: Interpreter, Please? “Iv covered walls” (So you're selling Cedars Sinai?) “No night hors” (Try telling that to the gals working Hollywood Blvd.) ...
A lot of listings went up in metaphorical flames this week, friends. Check out these bloopers and you’ll know why some listings are DOA. Thanks to Jane Peters of Los Angeles for being my ever-vigilant third eye. I Smell Smoke "This pad is smokin" (And you obviously have been too, Stony.) “Charri...
Something in America has died, my friends – spelling! But how much fun would we have if we couldn’t occasionally laugh at some of these ridiculous bloopers from the MLS and the local real estate ads? Some of these are worth donning a party hat: Where the Bodies Lie… “Lvg newly planted” (RIP – Ju...
The gaffes and laughs were all over the MLS and the real estate ads this week, friends. Do you recognize your listing remarks in any of these? If so, I’ll promise not to rat you out if you send me lots of money…or martinis… MLS MONKEYSHINES “View from fat area” (The only view from my fat area is...

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