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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
Jeez, Louise! Are agents typing their listing remarks while perched on bar stools at Hooters? My advice to each of you: you misunderstood the drunk on the bar stool next to you when he mistook you for a bright Rhodes Scholar. He actually said, “Wow, what a bright nose color!” After reading these...
Hi Friends – it’s blooper day, and I found some hilarious gaffes on the MLS this week. I think I finally figured out why we consistently see such errors – agents are letting their pets write their listing remarks. On the other hand, I suspect that my dog can spell better than some of these culpr...
After reading the MLS this week, as well as some of the Blooper Blog submissions I get from all over the country, all I can say is, “Yeesh!” I’d like to believe that the perps’ brains were just fried from the summer heat, but I fear the problem may be larger than that. I think some brains should...
It’s Friday, and the Blooper Scooper is back with some of the best bloopers ever! Auto-fill and Siri (on iPhones) keeps providing me with hilarious material. Check out these gaffes – all of which are indications that spelling and proof reading are lost arts: Showing ‘n Blowing “EZ shoe” (Ed Sull...
There’s been a lot of butane in the air this summer, friends, and it seems some people have sucked in a bit too much. As evidenced by these dizzy comments and MLS bloopers, hamburgers aren’t the only things that have been fried: It’s Miller Time "Corral, good burn" (Proudly offered by Pyromaniac...
Are your listing remarks off by a hair, friends? Hopefully you are not one of this week's blooper culprits, but you, too, may have spotted a lot of very funny mistakes in the MLS listing remarks, as I did. Is summer responsible for our laziness, or is it the afternoon keggers? You decide: Really...
It’s Blooper Day – welcome back, friends. Have you ever wondered what some of the wacky MLS descriptions mean? Well, when you see the nonsensical remarks some agents have typed into the MLS without spell checking, you might spit out your coffee - so be forewarned. As always, thanks to Jane Peter...
It’s Blooper Friday! Heat really does affect the brain, my friends. Check out these bloopers if you want to know how a brain looks when sun-baked and enebriated. Thanks to Coldwell Banker colleague Michael Jacobs of Pasadena, and Jane Peters of Los Angeles for some truly hilarious finds. Synapse...
ARE YOU MISSING OUT ON ALL THE FUN? Hi Friends, I want to invite you to a party you may be missing out on every Friday. If you haven't joined in, you are missing out on all the fun! . Yes, every Friday I post the Blooper Blog, and if you haven't subscribed, you have already missed out on over thr...
It’s Wednesday – time for the weekly blooper reel. I suggest we add a new word to Websters Dictionary – Goof-reading. You may agree after you peruse these hilarious MLS and real estate advertising bloopers: Roll ‘em Out “We’re rolling out the welcome matt” (Perhaps Matt should consider a low car...

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