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Do you ever wonder why you are where you are today?  Well, that's because of all the choices you've made.  So, if you don't like where you are today or what you've become, then look at all the decisions and choices you've made in the past.  Maybe, it's now time to make better decisions and wise c...
Sometimes it seems as if there's no time to put in for a good work out.  Well, there really is time and it's just changing the little things that you do, can make a big difference in helping you become healthier. If you're at a computer for a long time, take a few walk around breaks - make it a p...
Well, my decorations for Christmas are all down.  I started on Thanksgiving weekend putting them up and today, Saturday, 12/27/14 - the decorations are all down and put back in their nice little storage boxes back in the basement. Seems like it took longer to put away than it did to put out the d...
Enjoying finishing up wrapping up the last gifts!  What a great way to end the day.  GOD is good!  I'm excited and looking for to the grand sugars coming over and opening their gifts.  Each one made a list and we were able to fulfill their wish list! I enjoyed the music from our Church's Christma...
As we're about to close our year out, we can think about and reflect on all the good that we've done and the good that was done to us.  You may think about the bad, and the ugly, but I believe those were trials and test that we had to go through to get us to where we are today!  So, as the year e...
Do you find yourself busy or not having too much to do? While things may be slowing down, besides having the rush of Christmas shopping, are you check your data list and making your appointments for next month, which is actually next year! Are you looking for more business or ways to get business...
Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse of impossibility.  It is therefore able to undertake all things, and it completes many things, and warrants them to take effect, where he does not love would faint and lie down. Love is watchful...
How does this time really fly by? December 12th and we're now going into the 12 days of Christmas!  What are your plans? Have you made your list?  Are you checking it twice?  Always remember to stay within your budget, there's no need getting deeper in debt, it's really the thought that counts! R...
  When you're in it to win it, then you must not give in!  I know that with the busy of  times and especially during this season, it really does seem like so many things are happening all around you, that you're probably thinking - "What the World" - that's my grandson, new line.  When he sees so...
We must always try to be careful or "Watch what you say" - There's so much power in the tongue.  According to Proverbs 18 "Death and Life are in the power of the tongue".  We really do have to watch what we say and how we say it.  It only takes one word and you can either bring someone up and mak...

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