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     What paperwork and documentation will my Lender need, so that I can get a mortgage loan to buy my new house in Tallahassee, Florida?     Lenders want documents!  Lots of documents!  You, the borrower can make the loan process smoother, faster, and easier by gathering up the required paperwor...
     Tallahassee home buyers are increasingly aware of the importance of Credit Scores.  This is due to the amount of information and tools that are easily available to them via the internet, their Lender, and elsewhere.      Mortgage credit score information, when correct and utilized properly, ...
      "The question, 'How much house can I afford?', is one where a lot of people go wrong in calculating their housing affordability.  If you get this wrong, it can wreak havoc on your financial life; you can even wind up in foreclosure.       You need to fully understand how much a house will c...
     Florida's beaches have always belonged to the Public.  As long as you are walking along the beach, no private property owner can tell you to "get off their beach".  But a new law titled, "The Possession of Real Property Bill", that takes effect in July, may change that.     Owners of beachfr...
    You called me the other day and asked me to sell your mother's house in Texas.  "Fred, I know that you are here in Tallahassee, but could you suggest someone in Texas who can sell my Mom's house?  Someone we can trust?"     "Yes, I can find a good Realtor for you.  Let me call some acquaintan...
     "Most bank statement requests have to do with assets and reserves.  A lender wants to see that you have the cash that’s needed to close your mortgage loan in an account where the funds can be traced.  The lender needs to ensure that the funds aren’t borrowed or obtained through another means...
     Where is the Listing Agent?  Your Buyer found the house they want.  They have signed the offer and written a check for the escrow deposit.   You call the Listing Agent, but he is nowhere to be found.  Your calls, text messages, and emails go unanswered.  You drive to his office; the door is ...
     Are we looking at a new time zone in America, a time zone that will be called "Florida Time"?  The Florida State Legislature has voted to abolish Standard Time.  To become law, it will take the signature of Florida Governor Rick Scott, and an Act of Congress (literally).  *** UPDATE March 23...
     Video is a great vessel for owning a marketplace.  Schools, major employers, restaurants, parks, neighborhoods, businesses, and people come to life via videos.       With Community Video Marketing, your library of videos introduces people to the communities, neighborhoods, and businesses in ...
     We are in the final days of February; spring is fast approaching.  The real estate market in Tallahassee is strong and getting stronger.  Now is the time to prepare for one of the busiest "selling seasons" of the year!     To plan for the spring, I use the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared".    ...

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