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I got Kim Garst's latest post about new privacy regulations for EU residents. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it was approved by the EU Parliament in 2016.  It’s a privacy regulation meant to provide better protection for the personal information of EU residents. Even if yo...
WordPress is not for everyone. It is like a plant, consistently needing to be used and updated. It is nothing like a website platform. Taking just a little time to check your site for updates is a MUST when your site is using the WordPress foundation.  WHY?  Because updates for WordPress may cont...
An SSL certificate isn’t just for eCommerce anymore. It is very important as well for realtors to have a secure website when it comes to viewer trust and sharing information on your website as they register to save searches, receive new listings via email, request a home evaluation, etc. In searc...
Taking just a little time to check your site for updates is a MUST when your site is using the WordPress foundation.WHY? Because updates for WordPress may contain security updates, functionality updates, or other updates.And the Plugins are "ahead of us" and have already been notified by WordPres...
Happy Thursday Active Rainers! I just wanted to share a tidbit about the Top Pic that's on Facebook pages and profiles ... and how Facebook crops these banners on mobile devices. With the majority of folks using Facebook on their mobile devices, don't miss out when using text in your Top Pic imag...
Google Analytics is a comprehensive platform that tracks and analyzes your website's traffic. But a lot of folks find it intimidating and challenging to use. Understanding how to get some basic information from the Google Analytics platform can give you a pretty good insight into how your website...
WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, recently announced that the software will require all hosts to have HTTPS for certain WordPress features to function. Don’t panic just yet. If you already have HTTPS, this shouldn’t affect you. But if you’re still using HTTP, you’ll need to upgrade soon. The goo...
There are 8 theme options in the Point2 Agent WordPress blog platform. I’m going to briefly go through each one to show the features that are available to users. Point2 Agent WordPress blogs do not offer page creation at all. You won't be able to choose a "static front page" for your blog no matt...
Below is a short video of me trying to do a couple things in the Point2 WordPress blog to show those who are using the blog that there are still issues and below the video is the response I got from Point2's Customer Service yesterday. There was one item I forgot to show in the video and that's i...
 Good morning everyone!  Just wanted to write a quick post to let you all know Point2's WordPress blog is having some issues as of Friday 3/10/17 (that's when I noticed it).  The Widget area - you can't save - the save feature just hangs and never saves. The Appearance-Customize area of any theme...

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