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I will provide information about the Las Cruces area Real Estate Market, and in addition, general information on Real Estate related topics. This blog should be a resource for both those already living here, as well as anyone considering relocating or retiring in Las Cruces so I will also add any new and current community Information that I know. This blog's ability to provide day to day information is intended to supplement all of the many Real Estate resources that are to be found on my WEBSTITE: I am proud of this Website and I encourage you to visit.
Easy Ways to Add Color to Your HomeWhy stick to boring beige when you can pump up your pad with a kaleidoscope of color?   A splash of cobalt on the walls will make white cabinetry and framed photos pop. Instantly! Balance out the brightness with accents on the warmer side, like a mod orange vase...
This week we're wrapping up our discussion on resale value and things that you should consider when buying a new home in Las Cruces, NM. First we examined views and lots. Then last week we looked at size, bedrooms and bathrooms, closets, garages and laundry rooms. Here are the final three things ...
Last week we talked about how your view, lot and landscaping affect the resale value of your Las Cruces home. This week we pick up the conversation with 3 more things that you should consider when buying a new home.   House Size In each residential neighborhood, houses will vary in size and rooms...
  No matter what type of renovation you are undertaking in your Las Cruces home, there are several ways that you can make the job a little easier to manage. 1. Plan Ahead Do your planning well in advance of when you actually want the renovation to be done. Then schedule the renovation to take pla...
When you buy your next home in Las Cruces you should put a lot of thought into it. Don't just think about your needs and desires, think about what's going to happen when you try to sell it in the future. Here are 2 things to consider when thinking about your resale value. Buying a Home With a Vie...
There are so many different types of lighting to choose for your Las Cruces home these days, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Probably the most important thing to do when choosing new light fixtures is to determine what you are going to use the lighting for. Is this lighting you are going to read o...
  For most people, changing employers will not really affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage loan. However, for some home buyers the effects of changing jobs can be disastrous to your loan application. We were reminded of this a few weeks ago when we worked with a gentleman who just reloca...
Closet doors don't have to be bland or blah. You can make every closet door a work of art. Closets are necessary in every home, but in addition to being functional they can also be beautiful, relaxing, and stylish. Here are few of our favorite ideas that we've seen in Las Cruces homes: Classic bi...
    If you are thinking about buying a new house you need to think carefully about big purchases, like buying a new car. We worked with a very nice couple this weekend who are ready to buy a house in Las Cruces. They were upset because they didn't qualify for as much as they thought they could af...
We find over and over that people tend to put off home repairs until right before they put their home for sale on the market. One of the most common repairs is due to water damage. Here are some helpful tips if you floor has been damaged by water. Vinyl Tiles Linoleum or vinyl tiles are some of t...

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