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I will provide information about the Las Cruces area Real Estate Market, and in addition, general information on Real Estate related topics. This blog should be a resource for both those already living here, as well as anyone considering relocating or retiring in Las Cruces so I will also add any new and current community Information that I know. This blog's ability to provide day to day information is intended to supplement all of the many Real Estate resources that are to be found on my WEBSTITE: I am proud of this Website and I encourage you to visit.
Photo Credit: NickNguyen/Creative CommonsEvery once in a while we all find ourselves in a situation when we need to quickly clean the bathroom! Last minute guests that need a place to stay? You’re such a nice person for letting them stay at your place! You would prefer to completely clean out th...
It starts as a small pile of mail, or a few clothes, or some toys, and a few days later the piles have multiplied in size. By the end of the week the pile has become a monster that you really don’t want to deal with. As I have stressed countless times, a clean house will sell faster and for more...
It's a tough and competitve market. You want your Home to be the one that will sell!  After the price, the most important factor is Staging. Staging is positioning your home to be at the top of every buyer's list.           Properly staged homes outshine the competition every time, and are proven...
This time of year are marked by beautiful, colorful strings of lights, both indoors and outside! Unfortunately, hundreds of housefires per year are caused by faulty, ill-maintained, or improperly used holiday lights. Here is a checklist to go through before putting up your lights this holiday sea...
      Our Article: "Why You Should Be A Homeowner NOW!" lays out clearly all of the social and economic reasons why  home ownership is a wonderful thing, and why the current Real Estate Market, makes this the best time ever to buy a home. THIS TIP: IS HOME OWNERSHIP IS RIGHT FOR YOU? 8 signs you'...
We have written before about how presenting an attractive home to potential buyers can greatly increase your chances of selling your house quickly.   Here are 6 more ideas on how to make the inside of your Las Cruces home stand out.   1. Float the Furniture   Though it may seem natural to push fu...
Since our last Market Report for the first half of 2012,the 3rd Quarter-2012 has met and exceeded our expectations.   Home Sales for 2012 have:   1-Increased Month over the previous Month during the year, but also year over year for every Month not only vs. 2011, but most dramatically, they have ...
Summer is at an end, but that doesn't mean your vegetable garden has to go into hibernation. Gardens with the right vegetables can produce throughout the fall and, possibly, well into winter. Let's look at how to keep your garden lively and productive long after you thought possible. Prepare the ...
THE TOP 10 REASONS THAT 2012'S REAL ESTATE MARKET IS GREAT   click here for full market analysis   1 - Number of Residential Homes Sold for the first 6-months of 2012 has increased over number sold the previous month. This trend has not been seen in the past 5-years.   2 - 2012 is notable in that...
In a previous blog we gave you some tips on finding a good home inspector. Today we look at some question to ask prospective home inspectors (you should be interviewing more than one). How long have you been doing this? While years of experience doesn't mean everything it will comfort you to know...

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